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5-a-side football at Windsor Leisure Centre

Windsor Leisure Centre 5-a-side football Getting Started

There are a couple of ways in which you can get started with 5-a-side football at Windsor Leisure Centre:

Give us a call on 01753 778 577 – we can provide you with answers to any of your questions and book you into your course or send us an enquiry with any queries you may have, by filling in the form below

Our dedicated team is happy to help and can provide you with any information you require.

About 5-a-side football

It’s the beautiful game! Play 5-a-side football at one of our centres for a fast-paced and entertaining match! 5-a-side football differs slightly in facilities, length, and numbers- but that just makes it all the more exciting. It’s a great opportunity to get social with your mates or competitive with another team. 5-a-side is the ultimate sport as it’s inclusive for any age and any ability!

The Benefits of

The beauty of 5-a-side football is that you can get a great workout without even realising! 5-a-side is so much fun you will be increasing your stamina, strength and agility each time you play. Needless to say, there are great benefits to 5-a-side football with working as a team just one of them! 5-a-side football is great for fun, stress-relief, and exercise as well as being a top activity to do with your mates!

The beauty of 5-a-side football is that you can get a great workout without even realising! 5-a-side is so much fun you will be increasing your stamina, strength and agility each time you play. Needless to say, there are great benefits to 5-a-side football with working as a team just one of them! 5-a-side football is great for fun, stress-relief, and exercise as well as being a top activity to do with your mates!

What Should I Wear?

It is highly recommended that you wear suitable footwear such as Astroturf boots or trainers. There are no studs or blades permitted on either indoor or outdoor 5-a-side football grounds. We also advise you bring shin pads, goalkeeper gloves, coloured bibs, and a football! You should also bring along plenty of water to keep hydrated during your session.

Children's Swimming Lessons Children's Swimming Lessons

We aim to deliver the best swimming lessons out there to develop confident young swimmers! It is essential for us that our swimming lessons are plenty of fun.

The Benefits of Sports

Read our guide on the benefits of Sports

5-a-side football 5-a-side football

It’s the beautiful game! Play 5-a-side football at one of our centres for a fast-paced and entertaining match! 5-a-side football differs.

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Horse racing tips: Musselburgh, Windsor and Yarmouth – Steve Mullen - s top betting preview for Monday, October 16

Horse racing tips: Musselburgh, Windsor and Yarmouth – Steve Mullen’s top betting preview for Monday, October 16

Steve Mullen guides you through Monday's racing from Musselburgh, Windsor and Yarmouth

MARNIE JAMES has run his best races over this trip so it was no shock to see his stamina stretched by 6f at York last time out.

That was a much more valuable contest than this so he can show his true form again here.

ROYAL COSMIC was very impressive when winning over course and distance last time out.

She kept pulling out more when needed and won a little cosily at the end.

A 6lb penalty for that shouldn’t stop her scoring again.

MUNTADAB is tackling 7f for the first time since winning really well at Haydock last month.

He comes here just 5lb higher in the weights for that convincing success and he likes a little give in the ground.

ALPHA DELPHINI got the better of Ornate at Beverley last time and can repeat the feat despite a turnaround in the weights.

He’s also at home over this course and distance, with the ground no problem either.

B FIFTY TWO is running free with his rider taking another 7lb off an already lenient looking mark.

He was beaten in a bobbing finish at Ripon last time where he enjoyed the testing ground.

He should be right on the premises again.

GABRIAL THE TIGER managed to win over 7f from stall nine at Chester last time out, which takes some doing.

He’s taking a drop in class here and is proven with some give underfoot. He’s just 2lb higher in the weights so should be competitive again.

Steve Mullen's star bet

2.20 Musselburgh - Royal Cosmic: 'A 6lb penalty for that shouldn’t stop her scoring again' (add to your betslip)

TAGUR went from the front at Carlisle last time to land a convincing victory.

That was over this trip and this ground should be fine too with a 5lb rise in the weights fair.

JONNY DELTA is a standing dish here and is more than capable of winning this.

He battled to land a win over 1m6f latest but should have no problem seeing out the extra quarter-mile.











2.30 Good Way Off

3.30 Fastnet Spin

4.00 Hawridge Glory

4.30 Buccaneers Vault

5.00 Spanish History

2.40 Ventura Gold

3.40 Hint Of Grey

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5-A-Side Football Tips

5-A-Side Football Tips 10 Expert Tips On How To Dominate Your 5-A-Side Game

For most men, the 5-a-side pitch is the closest we get to true footballing glory – which is why there’s no shame in being deadly serious about it, even if it is a bit of friendly(ish) fun.

Fortunately, Nick Ascroft’s new book How To Win At 5-A-Side tells you everything you need to know, from strategy and fancy footwork skills, to team leadership and schmoozing the referee.

To get you started, we’ve picked out 10 of the book’s best tips, with some bonus pointers from Nick on how to up your 5-a-side game.

Play The Central Space

A photo posted by Simon Jewell (@simonjewell) on Sep 9, 2016 at 7:35am PDT

The central strip of the pitch is where you’ll take your best shots. Running down the wing with the ball, however, usually means running all the way back again because you can’t pass or shoot from the side without being intercepted. Playing through the centre will create more opportunities, while coming in and out of the area drags markers away and opens things up. It might feel safer playing on the wing, but it’s sterile space. The most dynamic play will almost always happen centrally.

Nick Says: “This is also good advice for the last player back. Don’t be dragged too far towards either wing when your team has the ball. When possession flips you want to be central enough to slow down any counter-attack, coming from either side. Imagine that the wings are on fire and someone has poured petrol all over you.”

Master The Nutmeg Shot

Few things in life are as satisfying as sticking the ball between the legs of the opposition, whether you’re a Premiership player or an overly competitive dad with his three-year-old in the back garden (trust me, I’ve done it – it’s magic). The trick is to drag your marker across the goal, then shoot through their legs when they’re at the widest point in their stride. If you’ve done it right, the defender will be blocking the goalkeeper’s view, so your shot will come out of nowhere. Shoot back across the goal towards the far post to avoid hitting their front leg.

Nick Says: “And then nutmegging the goalie is like the last dobber-dot in 5-a-side bingo. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I applaud you if you ignore me.”

Pass Back Before Going Forward

It goes against every footballing instinct, but sometimes you have to take the ball in the wrong direction. With possession flipping back and forth, it can be tough to keep control of the ball – and a lot of the broken play you get in 5-a-side comes from charging forward without thinking properly. To keep possession, put yourself between the ball and opposition, which probably means turning back towards your own goal, then passing to an unmarked player or your goalie. Once you’ve got control you can attack.

Nick Says: “Passing back can also be a faster way to get the ball forwards. Often you can’t pass forward because the opposition are in the way, but a pass back followed by a diagonal ball to the other side is quicker. Also any quick two-pass sequence messes with the opposition’s reaction times, as they have to change the direction of their focus twice.”

Waste Time

A tactic as old as the beautiful game itself and, according to Nick, just good common sense. If you’re winning, the top priority is not to score again, but to stop the opposition gaining possession or scoring, so pull out the kind of cheap time-wasting tactics that would usually have you screaming bloody murder at the ref in the final minutes of a losing game – knocking the ball about in your own half, getting your keeper to hold on to the ball for as long as he can, or deliberately booting it over the fence so someone has to retrieve it.

Nick Says: “The repeated triangle between keeper and two defenders is the ultimate. Neither illegal nor difficult. It does take some stone-cold pragmatism, which can be hard for our glory-hunting instincts to swallow, but it’s worth it.”

Goalies, Get As Wide As Possible

A video posted by sofive (@sofivefc) on Aug 18, 2016 at 10:21am PDT

Unfortunately goalkeepers, you’ll have to actually move for once. Get near to the edge of your area to close down attacking players and reduce the space they have to shoot at. But most importantly, remember your shape. The 5-a-side goal is relatively small, so make yourself nice and wide – get in a squat-like position, hands spread either side of your knees, and legs open as far as you can without letting a ball sail embarrassingly between them. Depending on the shot, twist your hips into a “K” position or go to the ground, remembering to still keep yourself as high and wide as possible.

Nick Says: “I go to ground a little early at times, which is sometimes punished. It’s good to keep your eye on the player and ball and stay up blocking their path to goal, only dropping and spreading out when you’re certain they’re going to shoot. Prepare to get one right in the Mertesacker.”

Make Regular Substitutions

Most 5-a-side players aren’t training for serious endurance ­– let’s be honest, most of us are stuck behind a desk for most of the week just counting down the days until we can stretch our legs – so switching players in and out is the best way to keep the whole team as fresh as possible. Nick recommends regular substitutions, bringing the first player off in the first three minutes, then continuing to sub every three minutes from there so every player in a team of six comes off two or three times in a 40-minute game.

Nick Says: “A captain is helpful here to yell at any player who hasn’t subbed to get off. Your best player needs to sub as much as anyone, giving them a rest will mean their quality is sharper when they come back on.”

Send The Goalie Forward

Regular substitutions or not, most of the team will be what us football professionals call “bloody knackered” towards the end of the game. Your goalkeeper, however, is likely to have something left in the tank – after all, he’s been hanging back at the net and squeezing himself into funny shapes for most of the game. Bring the goalie outfield by swapping him with your most tired player. Remember that the other team will be bloody knackered too, so a few energetic bursts from the goalie could make the difference and create that winning goal.

Nick Says: “I can’t advocate this tactic enough. Especially if I’m on your team. As a goalie of a certain age whose pace isn’t what it was, I love the feeling of dancing through the tackles like I’m Zac Efron in 17 Again. The goals I have scored when the opposition were dead on their feet are things of… not beauty as such, but goals nonetheless.”

Play The Ref

A photo posted by SportsNut (@sportsnutapp) on Sep 9, 2016 at 6:35am PDT

The referee’s opinion is the only one that matters on the pitch, so you need to get him onside. Stay friendly, accept their decisions, and play to the whistle at all times. Of course, if you do need to challenge a dodgy goal, saying things like, “I hope you give us one of those, ref,” will keep it civil and endear you to them for the next 50/50 decision. And take note of the kind of ref they are: if they blow the whistle for every little thing, play nicely; if they’re not taking a blind bit of notice, get stuck in.

Nick Says: “Also, remember to appeal. Not angrily: never yell ‘REF!’ – they hate it. Appeal with confidence. Like YES that was obviously a foul/goal/infringement-so-no-goal. Refs are often distracted and can be swayed by your sureness. No matter what though, play the whistle.”

Have A Leader

All right, so for most of us 5-a-side is just a bit of a kickabout, but if you want to win (and c’mon, we all want to win), you need a solid captain. The best 5-a-side leaders are the type of players who have intensity, control, and an overall belief in the team. Most of all, he should lead by example. If you’re not a natural captain, look out for areas of the game where you can take some kind of leadership – in defence, spotting weaknesses, or even dishing out some morale-boosting words of encouragement – to help steer the team.

Nick Says: “Democracy is too slow a process onfield. Someone needs to decide who is taking the penalty (or see above on subbing). The best captains are also the centre of the fun of the whole thing. Lose, draw or win-by-forfeit, you want to be on their team. Oh yeah, or win.”

Get Down The Pub

A photo posted by Pi Altrincham (@pialtrincham) on Sep 5, 2016 at 1:11pm PDT

There’s nothing to bring a team of lads together like a post-game drink – and no place better to discuss the game than the boozer. Just tell yourself that skipping the proper warm-down for a team session in the pub is all in the name of good morale.

How To Win At 5-A-Side is out now from Bloomsbury Publishing

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Windsor, England, PlanetWare

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Windsor, England

The small town of Windsor in Berkshire lies on the south bank of the River Thames, 22 miles west of the center of London. With its lovely, old half-timbered houses; winding alleyways; and cobblestone lanes it retains a picturesque medieval appearance. The town is a popular tourist destination due to Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the Royal Family. Whether you are visiting as part of a day trip excursion from London or other parts of England, be prepared to spend the best part of a day here (and bring a picnic) as there are so many fun things to do.

1 Windsor Castle

A grand castle built atop a chalk hill, Windsor Castle has served as the summer residence of British Royals for more than 900 years. One of Britain's most beautiful residences, it is also the largest inhabited castle in the world and has been added to numerous times by many monarchs, including William the Conqueror who built the first castle here in 1078. Along with its spectacular grounds - the site covers some 13 acres - Windsor Castle is fun to explore at a leisurely pace.

Attractions include magnificent St. George's Chapel, traditional home of the 26 Knights and Ladies of the ancient Order of the Garter; the final resting place of Queen Victoria's much-loved husband, Albert; the State Apartments containing the Queen's Gallery and dining hall, each with magnificently painted ceilings and woodcarvings; and, of course, the lovely Great Park, which extends along the south side of the castle for nearly six miles.

Although open to the public just six days per year, the neighboring Frogmore Estate is worth adding to your itinerary. If timed right, you'll be rewarded with the rare opportunity to tour one of the lesser-known (but equally sumptuous) Royal retreats, home to the final resting place of Queen Victoria.

Location: Windsor Castle, Windsor

2 The Royal Windsor Wheel

In Windsor's Alexandra Gardens, the Royal Windsor Wheel boasts some of the best views over the historic old town and castle (on clear days, riders can see all the way to London). Operating throughout the summer, the 12-minute ride in fully-enclosed six-person gondolas has been running since 2006 and has become one of Windsor's leading attractions. Transporting some 200,000 guests each season, this vast 402-ton Ferris wheel reaches a height of almost 200 feet. If you can swing it, opt for the VIP gondola for a little added comfort, which is appropriate, really, as you look down on splendid Windsor Castle.

3 Windsor Festival and Theatre Royal

The annual Windsor Festival runs each autumn from mid-September to early October with daily events in venues such as the Waterloo Chamber, Windsor Castle, St. George's Hall, and Eton College Chapel. Since its inception in 1969, the festival has offered orchestral, choral, chamber, and organ concerts, along with dance performances and lectures. International performers are often invited to perform a repertoire of classical works.

Culture buffs will also want to check out the program at Theatre Royal. Just a stone's throw from Windsor Castle, the venue hosts everything from theatrical productions to live music and prides itself on being the UK's only unsubsidized year-round theater (it's also considered one of the best outside of London's West End).

Address: 11 High Street, Windsor

4 Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor is a fun family resort set in 150 acres of parkland. The attraction is dedicated to the creativity and imagination of children of all ages with rides, interactive play areas, and millions of plastic bricks. This popular destination draws in excess of two million visitors a year and is well worth spending a day exploring. If possible, try to plan your visit to coincide with one of this vast amusement park's many themed events. Favorites for kids of all ages include a knight-inspired fireworks show, Christmas and Halloween festivals, as well as special events for toddlers. Also worth checking out is the new on-site medieval-themed hotel.

Address: Winkfield Road, Windsor

5 Eton College

The small town of Eton lies on the north side of Windsor Bridge and is famous for its college, founded in 1440 by Henry VI. The institution is synonymous with English education, and past students include Henry Fielding, William Pitt, Percy Shelley, William Gladstone, the Duke of Wellington, and some 20 English prime ministers. The red-brick main building dates from the school's founding and extends around two quadrangles. But the most remarkable feature is the school chapel; completed in 1441, it contains old brass plates and wonderful paintings (1470-1490) depicting scenes from the life of Mary. A bronze statue of Henry VI stands in the main quadrangle, and a passageway leads from Lupton's Tower to the cloisters with the hall and library. (Public visits are available for small groups and individuals, and the school also offers a number of educational summer programs.)

6 Ascot Racecourse

Undoubtedly England's most famous racecourse, Ascot is used for thoroughbred horse racing and boasts nine of the UK's top 32 annual races. Closely associated with the Royal Family (it's only six miles from Windsor Castle), Ascot hosts 26 days of racing per year, the highlight being The Royal Meeting in June with its famous Gold Cup. The racecourse is also home to the Royal Ascot Cricket Club and Ascot United Football Club. Also worth a visit for tourists is the nearby Royal Windsor Racecourse, noted for its figure-of-eight course, one of only two in the UK.

Address: High Street, Ascot, Berkshire

7 The Savill Garden

The Savill Garden, considered one of the country's most impressive ornamental gardens, is located on the edge of Windsor Castle's Great Park and is an integral part of Windsor's Royal Landscape. Opened in the 1930s, it contains a wide variety of plants in a beautiful natural setting. Shrubs, alpine meadows, and a formal garden of roses and herbaceous plants are only some of the points of interest at this 35-acre property. Other highlights include a collection of 60 sculptures dispersed throughout the property, along with numerous quiet spots to stop and appreciate the surrounding floral splendor.

Location: Great Park, Windsor

8 Dorney Court

An easy six-mile drive west of Windsor's town center, Dorney Court is well worth a visit. Considered one of the best surviving examples of Tudor architecture in England, this 500-plus year-old mansion has been occupied by the same family throughout its rich history. Set amid rolling parkland and boasting lovely gardens, it is certainly a picturesque property, an effect that is heightened by the presence of the pretty Norman-era Church of St. James the Less adjacent to the manor house. Interior highlights include numerous fine portraits and paintings, silks and tapestries, period furniture, elegantly carved wood paneling, and a 17th-century priest hole (not to mention a tearoom). While there, be sure to check out nearby Dorney Lake, a rectangular man-made lake designed specifically for rowers to practice their sport.

Location: Dorney, Windsor

9 Windsor and Royal Borough Museum

On High Street, in the town's attractive Guildhall constructed in 1689, the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum makes a great addition to any Windsor itinerary. Focusing on the history of both the town and its surrounds, the museum's large collection contains artifacts dating as far back as the Ice Age right up to the present time. Highlights include a fine collection of prehistoric tools, artifacts from the Bronze Age as well as the Roman and Saxon periods, and numerous items related to the town's Victorian heyday. Those who follow the Royal Family will also be interested in taking a guided tour that includes the chance to view the Ascot Room where Prince Charles married his long-time sweetheart, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Location: The Guildhall, High Street, Windsor

10 Thames Boat Trips

From Windsor, it's possible to undertake several charming sightseeing trips along the River Thames, which continually branches off and forms islets, boasting some of the loveliest parkland scenery in England. Launches not only take passengers into London but also to interesting places like Kingston-upon-Thames (journey time to London is approximately five hours). Oxford, about 70 miles away, is a two-day journey through charming scenery. Better still, look into renting a canal boat (or barge) from one of the many companies specializing in this wonderful mode of transport.

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