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Fists in the Afternoon

Maxon City, Kansas was typical of old western trail towns. It was booming when the trail herds came through; but most of the time the economy revolved around the surrounding farms and ranches. Summers were hot, the land rough and only those people strong and determined enough to defy the elements survived.

One survivor was a handsome woman named Thora Flood. In her mid 30’s, Thora was a widow with two children. She’d been a widow for more than 5 years, yet she single handedly ran the ranch she and her late husband had built. This afternoon she was in town for supplies. After loading her purchases on her wagon, she turned the wagon eastward for the long drive home. Thora was wiry and strong yet feminine. Years of hard work on the ranch had honed her into a trim yet powerful woman.

As she began her journey back to her ranch, she saw a gaily decorated wagon coming into town from the opposite direction. Glancing at it she saw it was a medicine show, a traveling form of entertainment which generally mixed show business with sales of medicinal remedies, most of which were indistinguishable from the alcohol served in the local saloons. Glancing at the side of the wagon, Thora noted that this was “Doc McGuire’s International Extravaganza” featuring Lady Katherine Blanchard, “Undefeated Female Champion Bare Knuckle Boxer from England.” A prize of $500 was offered for any woman who could defeat her in a 4 round bout. A poster on the side of the wagon showed that Lady Blanchard was an incredibly beautiful and well endowed specimen, undoubtedly the unfulfilled dream of every man in every town they came into. Thora made a brief mental note of the wagon before continuing her ride home. There was work to do and kids to tend.

Doc McGuire pulled up to the local saloon, The Red Rooster, and went in. In a way, Doc was a bit of a rooster himself, a banty legged man with a ready smile and a line of blarney. Jack Donovan, the saloon’s owner and one of the town’s leading citizens was sitting in his office while the help got the saloon ready to receive the night’s customers. Doc’s entrance caused quite a stir and, hearing the noise from the bar room, Jack got up to investigate. He immediately saw the cause of the commotion. Doc was accompanied by a striking woman. Blonde and well built, the woman filled the aristocratic dress she wore to perfection.

“Hello,” said Doc extending his hand. “And who might you be?”

Donovan shook the hand, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman. “I’m Jack Donovan. I own this place. Who is this young lady?”

“I’m Doc McGuire, owner and proprietor of the world’s greatest traveling extravaganza. And this, folks, is Lady Katherine Blanchard, the greatest female bare knuckle fighter in the world.”

Lady Katherine introduced herself, charming the men not only with her beauty but also with her enchanting English accent.

“Am I to understand that you fight other women for money?” asked Donovan.

“Yes she does,” said Doc. “And no one’s been able to beat her yet. I have $500 for any woman that can. All I ask is that you let me set up shop in town to sell my miracle cure all elixir and that you allow me to make side bets on any fight you can arrange. You got any women in this town who think they are tough?”

Jack and his employees grinned. Donovan said, “I think Big Molly might be able to provide some competition for your fighter. What do you think, boys?”

“Why don’t we set something up for tonight, then.” Said Doc.

“Yes. Give me a chance to wash off some of this trail dust and I shall be ready and eager to fight your champion tonight,” said Lady Katherine.

“I never seen a female fight before,” said the bartender. “How does it work?”

Doc replied, “The women fight topless for four rounds. Bare knuckles. Winner take all. I’ll serve as referee. No gouging, or biting, or hitting below the belt. Other than that, let the better woman win.”

Word about the bout spread quickly through the town. The saloon workers set up a makeshift “Ring” in the middle of the bar room. And men were confidently gathering their money to bet on Big Molly.

Molly eagerly accepted the challenge. She was a big woman, tall, heavy set, but not fat. She had a reputation for being tough and had beaten many other girls in saloon brawls. She could take a punch and deliver a beating with equal skill.

Tha appointed hour for the fight arrived. Big Molly entered first. She wore a silk shirt over silk bloomers and had on pointy toed boots which hugged her calves more than halfway up her legs. She stood 5’ 10” and weighed around 170 lbs. Her hair was bright yellow and she wore it in ringlets. She had an attractive pouty look and a deadly stare. She awaited her rival with great anticipation. The crowd, too, was eager to see the spectacle.

Doc entered the room followed by his protégé. He introduced her to the crowd and began to take all of the side action that the crowd could supply. Lady Katherine looked coolly at her opponent. She was attired in red satin tights and had a silken top held together by a string. Her boots hugged her slim ankles and ran tantalizingly up her leg. Her hair was very blonde, almost white, and it was pulled back from her face and held in place by a black bow. She was considerably smaller than Molly, no more than 5’ 5” and probably 130 well proportioned lbs.

“So you’re the champeen,” said Molly. “You don’t look like much. Where’d you like us to ship the body when I’m done with you.”

Lady Katherine smiled at her. “They told me this was cattle country. But I didn’t realize that I’d actually be fighting one,” she said in her delightful accent.

“Keep it up, Cookie,” said Molly. “It’s gonna make the beating I’m going to give you even sweeter.”

In a moment, Donovan announced an end to the betting and bade both women meet in the middle of the ring. As the two women removed their tops, the men in the room gasped. Molly was splendid. Everything about her was large, including her boobs and her nipples. She had a slight beer bulge to her belly, but, other than that, she looked very formidable. Lady Katherine, on the other hand, was incredible. Her breasts were shapely and she was in peak physical condition. The feminine muscles in her arms and on her back complimented her hard belly.

Having checked both women thoroughly for weapons, Doc, as referee, called both women together in the center of the ring. “Ladies, this is a bare knuckle prize fight. The rules are pretty simple. Break when I tell you to and no hitting after the bell. Protect yourself at all times and let the best woman win.”

A cowbell served as the signal to start the fight. Molly was eager to finish Lady Katherine off quickly. Something about that smirk of hers got under Molly’s skin. Molly swung a roundhouse right that Katherine easily dodged. Katherine followed up by peppering Molly’s face with a number of sharp jabs. They stung Molly and got her attention. She rushed again, throwing a left and a right which Katherine blocked and took off her shoulder. Katherine was cool under fire and she continued to sting Molly with jabs. The first round ended with little damage done.

The second round began much as the first round had ended and Molly became increasingly frustrated with her inability to swat this English fly. This was not Molly’s kind of fight. Brawling was more her style and before long she reverted to it. She came in to clinch with Katherine and it was at this point that Katherine showed her true fighting skill. She had been waiting patiently for a shot at Molly’s magnificent boobs and as Molly rushed in, Katherine unleashed a lethal combination. Molly was stunned and she began to wince in pain. Katherine slammed a right to Molly’s left eye and followed up with a left to the mouth which drew blood. Molly threw punches in desperation and a couple landed solidly. But Katherine was a veteran fighter and she maintained her concentration. A punch to Molly’s left breast brought down her guard and Katherine connected with a lovely uppercut that sent Molly to the floor.

Winded but game, Molly got up at the count of eight and closed again with Katherine. This time she attempted to clinch with Katherine and tie her up. Circling her thick arms around Katherine, she began to squeeze. Katherine winced in pain, but she managed to free her right arm and struck Molly with two wicked blows, causing Molly to release her grip and back up. Now with room to fight, Katherine went for the kill. Raining blows on Molly’s head and boobs, she finished with a left right left combination that put the bigger woman down for the count of 10.

“The winnah and still undefeated female champion, Lady Katherine Blanchard,” crowed Doc as he gleefully collected his bets. For her part, Katherine raised her arms in victory, and she proudly pranced around the ring virtually undamaged from the bout.

Nobody could believe that Big Molly could be beaten, especially by a woman so much smaller. The men were stunned. They lost a pile of money on the fight and they drank heavily to drown their sorrows. Molly was helped back up to her room and she and Jack Donovan tended to her wounds.

“Did you ever see a woman fight like that?” asked one of the farmers.

“Beautiful as a goddess and hits like a mule,” responded another.

“I wish we could win our money back.”

“Do you want to fight her?” asked one cowboy evoking laughter from the crowd.

Then, from down at the end of the bar, one man spoke up, “What about Thora Flood?”

The room became suddenly quiet. Thora Flood was a quiet farm woman who generally kept to herself. But farming was an uncertain life and she would earn additional income from time to time by engaging in fights for money. Often, these fights were against men her size who could not believe that a woman could compete against them. She had a fighting style of her own that she used and she became quite adept at using her fists. She was also tough as nails and she would not go down easily.

“Great idea, but will she do it?” asked one farm hand.

“I bet Jack could get her to,” said another.

Thora found Jack Donovan to be an attractive man. He flirted with her whenever he found himself in her company, and she was pleased and flattered by the attention. If anyone could talk Thora into a prize fight, Jack could.

Jack went out to Thora’s farm the next morning and found Thora in the barn raking hay. Using his most charming grin he said to Thora, “Hey, lady.” “Hey, yourself,” replied Thora. “What brings you all the way out here?” “Opportunity,” said Jack. “It’s been a pretty rough year for you. Not a lot of rain, but when it does come it comes in gully washers. Hard land and hard living. I can offer you a chance to make more money in one afternoon than you can make in a year.” “Is it legal?” asked Thora, and Jack laughed.

“Let me explain the situation,” said Jack as he told Thora about the fight between Big Molly and the English champion. “A lot of the boys are sore. You know, civic pride and all. They want to win their money back. I’ve seen you fight, Thora, and I know you can beat this lady.”

Thora considered this very seriously. She only fought when she really needed the money. And, as Jack said, this was a hard year. Finally she agreed. “Go ahead and set it up. I’ll do it.”

“Great!” said Jack. “Tomorrow afternoon, 2 o’clock in the corral behind Simpson’s stable. I’ll have the appropriate costume for you. Remember, this is a bare knuckle fist fight and this lady is good.”

“I plan to give her the fight of her life,” said Thora. “And I plan to win.”

Jack went back to town and made the arrangements. Doc was somewhat surprised that they found another woman willing to fight Lady Katherine. But he was confident his woman would win and he readily agreed.

Thora arrived early the next day and Jack took her to a room in the saloon where she could change into her fighting outfit. Thora was attractive if not classically beautiful. She stood about the same height as Lady Katherine and weighed about the same. Her light brown hair was tied in a bun. Jack clothed her in white satin tights with a bright blue sash around her waist. She wore attractive boots that complimented her shapely but powerful legs. She wore a man’s satin shirt and she strode out to the corral with Jack by her side.

Lady Katherine was dressed as she was for the fight with Molly. She was already in the corral when Thora and Jack arrived. The betting was again spirited; but this time there was considerably more tension in the atmosphere. The two women stood at opposite ends of the corral, neither one taking her eyes off of the other. Katherine knew that this opponent was quite fit and probably capable of giving her a tough fight. Thora looked at her opponent. Lovely and classy, but she had beaten Big Molly handily.

When the betting had concluded, both women took off their tops. Their two bodies were taught and rippled with wiry feminine muscles. Their breasts were well rounded. The women looked each other over. Their breasts and nipples were swollen in anticipation of the fight, and their throats were dry.

Lady Katherine spoke first. “My dear, I’ve beaten women like you all over the west. Every dirt farmer thinks she’s tough. But you’ll find that skill counts for a lot.”

Thora replied, “I came here to win. These folks are counting on me and I don’t plan to let them down.”

Lady Katherine said, “I hope you can give me a good fight, but somehow I know I’ll be going back richer and you’ll be just another hopeless hussy that only thought she could fight.”

On the referee’s command, both women came to the center of the corral and raised their fists. Each woman stared intently at the other. At the sound of the bell, the women began circling each other. Lady Katherine, as she did with Molly, flicked out a stinging jab. But Thora took it and countered with one of her own. The day was warm and both women began to perspire, their sweat highlighting their physiques.

Katherine connected with a left right combination to Thora’s face, driving the farm woman back across the corral. Katherine moved in only to be met with a straight right to her left boob. The women parried punches back and forth across the corral, their beautiful faces becoming bruised from the combat. Neither woman secured a clear advantage over the other and the first two rounds went by quickly.

After round 2, Jack sponged Thora off in her corner. “You’re doing fine, Honey. Keep going to her face and her tits. You’ll wear her down. Then go for the knockout in round 4.”

Thora was a little winded and bruised herself. “She’s tougher than she looks. She ain’t going down without a fight.”

In round 3, the women began to bring out the heavy artillery, pounding each other with powerful blows. Thora grazed Katherine’s head with a left hook, but Katherine countered with a right that sent Thora to the ground. The crowd was screaming for Thora to get up. They didn’t want to lose more money to Doc and his wench. Thora got up at the count of 6 and Katherine moved in to inflict more damage. Thora took a couple of punches to the boobs and then tied up Katherine in a clinch. Both women were breathing heavily, their faces contorted with the strain of the fight. As they clinched they could feel each other’s sinewy bodies and smell each other’s sweat. Their boobs mashed together as they rubbed against each other. The two women staggered across the corral, locked in this embrace of combat. As opportunities presented themselves, they would bang away at each other’s body and then lock back up. Each woman was breathing heavily, trying to catch their second wind.

At last round 3 ended and the women repaired to their corners. “Come on, Love,” said Doc to Lady Katherine. “Finish her off so we can collect our money and get out of here.” At the same time, Jack was encouraging his lady, “Honey, we’re all behind you. All it takes is one good punch and we’ll send her back to Queen and Country.”

The bell rang for the 4th and final round. Thora looked at Katherine over her cocked fists and Katherine returned the glare. “You’ll never beat me,” whispered Katherine. “Come on and show me what you’ve got,” replied Thora. “I can take all you’ve got and give you twice as much back.”

They closed on each other, again exchanging jabs. Katherine threw a left hook that drew blood from Thora’s mouth and brought a smile to Katherine’s face. “She’s bleeding!” yelled one of the spectators.

The women continued to trade punches, standing almost toe to toe. Each woman was tiring but was stubbornly refusing to concede any ground to her opponent. Thora took a punch from Katherine off of her shoulder and in just that instant she saw her opening. She connected with a left to Katherine’s right eye and a solid right to Katherine’s nose, causing blood to flow freely. Doc became concerned about his fighter, but he could do nothing to help her. Katherine fought bravely, digging down deep and landing a crisp combination to Thora’s breasts. Both women by this point had faces and boobs that were bruised and blotchy. Their fists and knuckles were red from the repeated contact with flesh and bone. Thora shook off the breast punches and landed a powerful left to Katherine’s hard stomach. She then followed up with as beautiful a right uppercut to the jaw as anyone was likely to see. Katherine’s eyes rolled back and the fight was over. Lady Katherine fell to the ground and was counted out.

Thora staggered back to her corner where Jack hugged her and kissed her passionately. He had never seen a woman display as much heart and spirit as this farm woman who he had known as a friend, neighbor and a mother.

Doc paid off on the bets and collected Lady Katherine, leaving town quietly early the next morning. And while Lady Katherine continued to fight successfully in many towns across the west, she never forgot the day that she was matched by the woman from Maxon City.

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Mandy Kane - Make Believe Lyrics

colour fades away, slowly swirling down the drain

you're bitter and you're tired of waiting

someone's banging down the door

but you've heard it all before

nothing they could say would change things

blissfully derranged and screaming.

i'm living in a world of make believe

i'm all that i wanna be

im living in a world of make believe

and im not coming home

talking to your own reflection

and someone you don't know

says it's time for you to go

they say it's for your own protection

hoplessly estranged and pleading.

i'm living in a world of make believe

i'm all that i wanna be

i'm living in a world of make believe

and im not coming home

i'm not coming home

i'm not coming home

i'm not coming home

you're bitter and you're tired of waiting

someones banging down the door

but youve heard it all before

blissfully derranged and screaming.

i'm living in a world of make believe

i'm all that i wanna be

i'm living in a world of make believe

i'm all that i wanna be

i'm living in a world of make believe

and i'm not coming home

so just leave me alone.

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What - s The Deal with Ladies-in-Waiting? My Blog

What's The Deal with Ladies-in-Waiting?

We recently received some questions asking what the heck a Lady-in-Waiting is, what the heck it is that these ladies do, and who some of them are. Hopefully this post sheds some light!

The Queen in Australia with a Lady-in-Waiting (via Posie Blogs)

Simply put, a Lady-in-Waiting is a female personal assistant. Traditionally the role has been granted to aristocratic women who already have a friendship The Queen or whoever it is that requires a Lady-in-Waiting. They are not usually paid for their services, though they can be reimbursed for any travel expenses and some have received clothing allowances.

It is a bit of an arcane title that just doesn’t make much sense (what are they waiting for, to collect flowers?), but let’s run through some of them.

The Queen naturally grew up thinking this was all very normal and she currently has nine Ladies-in-Waiting who help her with such things as keeping up her daily correspondence, collecting flowers, and keeping her company while abroad.

The Queen with her Lady-in-Waiting Lady Dugdale, her cousin Margaret Rhodes, and a member of the Queen’s household in 1968 (via Daily Mail)

The British Monarchy’s official website explains the role of the Queen’s Ladies-in-Waiting quite clearly:

The Ladies-in-Waiting are personally chosen by The Queen. The Senior Lady-in-Waiting is Mistress of the Robes, Fortune, Duchess of Grafton, and the other Ladies-in-Waiting are The Countess of Airlie; Diana, Lady Farnham; The Hon Mary Morrison; The Lady Susan Hussey; The Lady Elton; The Hon Mrs Whitehead; Mrs Michael Gordon Lennox and Mrs Robert de Pass.

Their duties are varied and include attending to private and personal matters for Her Majesty, and handling a substantial proportion of The Queen’s general correspondence. The Ladies-in-Waiting accompany Her Majesty on her engagements at home and abroad and, since the beginning of The Queen’s reign, when she is not accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, the Lady-in-Waiting on duty travels with Her Majesty in her vehicle.

The post of Lady-in-Waiting is not open to application. In addition to The Queen, other female Members of the Royal Family appoint their own Ladies-in-Waiting.

One name that stands out to me in that list is Lady Susan Hussey. She had a friendship with Prince Charles and the Queen asked her to help Diana adjust to royal life after the wedding, likely because she was the youngest of all her Ladies-in-Waiting at that time. This explains why she is one of Prince William’s godmothers, though she later had a falling out with Diana (who didn’t at one time or another?) and went back to working for the Queen.

Lady Susan Hussey is in the pink dress behind Diana at Prince William’s christening. (via Hello!)

She was also there for Prince William’s confirmation (in green) along with fellow godparents King Constantine of Greece, Princess Alexandra, the Duchess of Westminster, and Lord Romsey.

Lady Susan Hussey (Via Pinterest)

And oh look! There she is with Sophie and Kate during the Rememberance Day service in 2012.

Sophie, Kate, & Lady Susan Hussey (via

Lady Susan Hussey was made Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 2013, as was fellow Lady-In-Waiting Mary Morrison. Oh, the stories they could tell!

Right out of the gate, the new Princess of Wales had three Ladies-in-Waiting to help her with anything from errands to collecting flowers. In fact, the palace announced the ladies Diana had appointed on September 25, 1981 and they were Anne Beckwith-Smith, the Hon. Mrs. Vivian Baring, and Mrs. George Alston-Roberts-West (source). Over time, Diana appointed five more ladies to the role. To me, this is just yet another example of how things have changed since then, at least for the younger generation.

Anne Beckwith-Smith became Diana’s longest serving Lady-in-Waiting and by 1986 she also held the title of Assistant Private Secretary. Here she is on a walk about with Diana in the early ’80’s:

Diana and Lady-in-Waiting Anne Beckwith Smith (via Pinterest)

And that’s her in the background of this portrait of Diana, waiting:

Diana sitting for a portrait in 1990 (via The Royal Digest)

She must be a tough cookie to have worked in the Royal Household for so long. In recognition of her services, she was made a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order in 1990 and now works for the Tate in London.

The most interesting to me of all of Diana’s Ladies-in-Waiting is her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale. Her official title was “Extra Lady-in-Waiting” and she held the post from 1992 to 1997. This appointment especially piques my interest because back in 1977, Sarah dated Prince Charles for a short spell. That ended shortly after she spoke the press (silly girl!) and she even admitted that she was keeping press clippings of any coverage of the relationship. Eek. I mean, I bet anything Carole Middleton has quite a collection herself (and I don’t blame her one bit!) but she’s not sharing that with journalists, thank you very much.

So that was the end of Sarah, and she ended up as Extra Lady-in-Waiting instead of Princess of Wales.

a haughty Lady Sarah and Prince Charles in 1977

Sarah accompanied Diana on several engagements and there are pictures to prove it. This photo was taken during an engagement at the Great Ormond Hospital in February of 1994.

Diana and Sarah and lots of flowers in 1994

Next up is Fergie.

Sarah and Oprah sit down for a chat (via The New York Times)

Back in 2010, the Duchess of York sat down for an interview with Oprah after that whole selling access to Prince Andrew scandal. Over the course of their conversation she revealed that she’d had six ladies in waiting, and that they were there to attend to any of her needs, for example if she dropped a kleenex and needed to have it picked up.

Oprah’s response to this admission? “Get out! No wonder you’re Finding Sarah”, a reference to the name of the 6-part documentary that Oprah’s network aired on the Duchess.

No kidding! Lordy.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Things had changed quite a bit by the time Sophie married Prince Edward in 1999. The Countess of Wessex waited ten years to appoint a Lady in Waiting and when she did it was her old school friend and former flatmate Sarah Sienesi that was chosen. Sarah also apparently helped with the wedding preparations for William and Kate.

While we don’t have any pictures of her and Sophie, we do have a picture of a different Lady-in-Waiting. In July of 2013, Sophie was photographed with Annabelle Galletley at Wimbledon. Annabelle has worked for the Royal household since 1987 (she even has a LinkedIn page that outlines that!) and was made a Member of the Royal Victorian Order in 1994 for her services.

Sophie and Annabel (via Hello!)

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

When Camilla married Charles it was announced that she’d have three Ladies-in-Waiting. This doesn’t surprise me at all; Charles is old school and he depends on staff for everything (apparently even preparing his tooth brush with toothpaste). One of the ladies is Camilla’s sister, Annabelle Elliot. Anabelle has also been appointed the interior designer for the Duchy of Cornwall, which has caused a wee bit of a stir (source).

Annabelle and Camilla (via Daily Mail)

Another Lady-in-Waiting is her old school friend, Kirsty Smallwood. This whole school chum thing is a nice tradition and makes a lot of sense.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Well, she earned the nickname ‘Waity Kaity’ for dating William for going on ten years and while she doesn’t have a formal Lady-in-Waiting, her assistant Rebecca Deacon fills that role as far as helping out on walkabout is concerned.

Rebecca is seated in black behind Kate and the Queen (via Hello!)

Rebecca seems totally delightful and must be kept on her toes all the time. You can read more about her in our post on Kate and William’s staff here if you like. Obviously she would never do it, but a book all about Rebecca’s experiences would be fascinating, no?

Collecting flowers (via HRHDuchessKateBlogspot!)

So, what do you think – will the Lady-in-Waiting role be phased out in the next few decades or will Kate and William keep it going? And are there any other royalty-related questions we could help answer? Do tell!

5 Replies to “What's The Deal with Ladies-in-Waiting?”

While I don’t foresee a future for picking up discarded tissues, there will always be a need for help on walk-abouts and with correspondence, whether that is a L-in-W, or called something else.

What do you know about Diana’s falling out with Lady Susan Hussey? I’ve read it was because she was quite close to Charles in the pre-Diana days, and thus had some ties to Camilla. And Anne Beckwith-Smith has been so very discreet. The stories she could tell if she wrote a book!

So true! She’s been admirably discreet.

I think it was Camilla-related as well, and I think generally Diana felt she was in “Charles’ camp” and not hers, and that she was being spied on by her and “the men in grey” in Buckingham Palace…that sort of thing.

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