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Bet U Cant Do It Like Me Dance Tutorial For Uptown

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Back Dash Cancel Tutorial For Pad - Players - News - Avoiding The Puddle

bet u cant do it like me dance tutorial for uptown

[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

Back Dash Cancel Tutorial For Pad Players

Drakealdan has uploaded a couple of videos showing how to back dash cancel (Korean back dash) on PS3 pads. Though I don't use pad myself, these videos may be quite useful for some players. Check them out below.

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Good to know that I practiced backdash canceling wrong all my years as a pad player. I have used the repeated shoryuken motion for so long I do not think I could replace it with this method. Oh well, good thing that I do not play pad anymore.

This right here is the main problem for Tekken. The most important movement is also the most difficult to do. Why did Namco make this advanced movement so hard to do. I bet only 10% of those who play Tekken manage to perform backdash cancel. I have seen every frikin video and tutorial on youtube, but I still can't perform it with my stick.

I have been playing Tekken non-stop for like an year now and I'm still not able to do backdash cancel properly. Without this movement I will always be a scrub. Nobody I play with offline is able to do this, therfore we cannot become better.

There is a whole another level of gameplay that opens up when you're able to just BDC out of situations. BDC --> force whiff --> PUNISH!!

I hate fucking NAMCO for making movement so difficult in Tekken. In every other fighting game you just hold back and you actually get away from attacking opponents. But in Tekken everybody just slowly crawls backwords and thus nobody gets away from attacks.

Yep, the reason it is so hard to do this technique is because it requires skill and practice. Its what separates the good players from the usual bunch of wankers who think they can mash their way to easy wins(*cough*SFs'*cough*). No offense to the whiners.

@Bhup, You honestly are hating on a game for providing you with obtainable levels of depth? KBD is very doable. In fact, I've seen players pick it up in less than a year. In my opinion, KBD is not essential to winning. Though it is a very important movement, I think side walking, side stepping and general control of your character for delay catching (whiff punishing) is much more important. I may be alone on this one but I like when a game has system features which are not easily obtainable and require practice. Tekken 4 had no KBD and look at what that game did to the Tekken scene. Advanced movement is what makes Tekken unique and fun. Don't give up on it. I guarantee you , this is a very doable movement for every player.

Also I don't think they made BDC intentionally. Wasn't it a glitch or whatever you want to call it discovered by Koreans in Tag? Kind of like how combos in SF2 weren't intentional.

I don't use pad either. lol i know im probably going to get flamed for this, but why would I use Pad?

KBD is very easy especially on P1.. focus on putting the stick into b, then rolling it down to db releasing for a second then repeating. Or just do the WDing motion backwards if it isn't a sway character.

I played pad for about 5 years straight, able to do "korean backdashing" within 6 months. It's very very doable. But as I've always told newbies, all you really need to do right off the bat is "b,b,d, repeat". Back back down is all you need until you can get it just right.

not sure why you'll need to do KBD on pad, you'll just probably do it online against an opponent, which is a waste

Jesus fucking Christ, the advanced movement is what I like about Tekken compared to down/back fighter 4 for instance.

If you don't like it GTFO of our game.

Yeah that probably sounds elitists and asshole like, but fuck it I have been playing this game since it's inception and if Namco start listening to the whiners it will ruin the game I love.

So, no apologies..

Finger gymnastics are a very shallow form of "depth," in my opinion. I don't think basic mechanics like Backdash Cancel should be difficult to perform - it should be more about strategy and mindgames.

I would love to learn Tekken, but I don't see a need for all of the arbitrary execution barriers. Plenty of other fighting games manage to separate the good players from the bad without them.

@Gatos, to each his own I guess. But like I said, BDC is not essential to winning. After playing Soul Calibur for so long, I think Tekken is a nice change of pace with the difficult execution and movement. It's certainly not for everyone.

There is an easier way of doing KBD on ps3 pad, it involves using the joystick and d pad aswell. basically what u do is input b on the joystick and then slide d,db,b on the d pad and then repeat. At first it will seem a bit weird cos its a different way of playing but trust me if you practice u'll get in less than 1 month. Its also perfect for wave dashes and mixups. I'd make a video and stick on youtube but i cant find the time

I love pad because I can assign shoulder button to make everything easier.

Why not just do the same thing on the d-pad? I personally don't think it would be quick enough to move your thumb back n forth it might work out for you but I think you might be losing speed as there is a delay between the back n forths no matter how quick you can pull it off it'll still be slower, and if you meant joystick b then the rest on the d-pad the initial backdash would be slower and that would make it useless (for me atleast)

Yeah, I can totally see the "BDC is too diffilcult for being so important" argument, I mean for example VF has similar movement but way easier to perform, but I'm still not complaining about it because as it has been said, it's totally doable, it just takes practice. The video points it out nicely that you don't need to be able to do it constantly for the whole day, just two or three backdashes is enough most of the time, and that I belive anybody who puts some time into it can manage.

Signed: 3 years of Tekken and still cannot BDC with sway characters properly.

I get what your saying, initially when i started learning KBD with the directional pad i just couldnt get it right, I dont know why but it just dosent work for me using the d pad alone. However when i started using the joystick it was really weird as i'd have to share my fingers between the joystick and the buttons but atleast I got results. I played and practiced like that regardless and within a month I was easily back dashing and punishing whifs. now I can safely say my KBD is off the chain. It does work and its just as fast as using jus the d pad, its just weird at first but practice makes perfect. I will make a video and put it on youtube cos i'm sure it will help alot of players that have trouble with it

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