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Отзывы и благодарности

Руководство отдела МВД России выражает благодарность и признательность за плодотворное сотрудничество и действенную поддержку в выявлении и раскрытии правонарушений.

И.В. Киселев, нач. отдела МВД России (Кстовский р-н) | 2014

Выражаю благодарность за плодотворное сотрудничество в сфере обеспечения комплексной безопасности в гипермаркете "АШАН" СТЦ Мега!

О.П. Красильникова, директор гипермаркета АШАН

УМВД России по Всеволжскому району Ленинградской области выражает благодарность ООО "ОП" ОКРУГ" за помощь в обеспечении охраны общественного порядка.

А.С. Микляев, зам. нач. полиции по ООП

Контактная информация

Время работы: 9-00 до 18-00

197349, г. Санкт-Петербург, Комендантский проспект, дом 8, корпус 1

Other articles

Kyōtei - (Boat Race)

The distinctive form of hydroplane racing called kyōtei is one of just a few types of gambling allowed under Japanese law. Proceeds from races are used to fund local municipalities and support the activities of nongovernmental organizations.

Public Sport Gambling

Hydroplane boat racing is one of a few varieties of public wagering allowed under Japan’s strict gambling laws. Other types include horse racing (keiba), bicycle racing (keirin), motorcycle speedway (ōtorēsu), and lotteries. The sport features professional drivers guiding speeding boats around a set course. Races take place at established venues located throughout the country. While still popularly referred to as kyōtei, the association promoting the sport has officially adopted the English name “Boat Race.”

A Boat Race betting card. (© Boat Race Promotion Association)

Races feature six boats, each piloted by a single driver. Spectators purchase betting tickets known as funaken, with payouts divided from a collective pool; winnings, minus a percentage for the course operator, are paid in proportion to wagers.

Bettors can purchase seven varieties of tickets, ranging from wagers on one boat to win (tanshō) to as many as three boats to place or show (sanrenpuku) with bets made in ¥100 increments. This style of betting is also shared by horse and bicycle racing.

Easy Accessibility to Races

Wagering is not confined to race venues. There are over 40 locations around Japan with dedicated betting windows where tickets can be purchased for kyōtei events. Boat Race enthusiasts can also sign up for services with specialized members’ accounts, enabling them to make bets from home, over the Internet, or via mobile phone.

While the style of hydroplane boat racing is distinct to Japan, first developing in the 1950s, interest in the sport has recently begun to emerge in neighboring countries. In 2002 the Misari Motorboat Racing Park in Hanam, South Korea, became the first kyōtei venue outside of Japan.

To boost attendance, many of Japan’s 24 Boat Race venues offer services including information corners, general and reserved seating for races, restaurants, and shops, as well as facilities for children and game arcades. There are also a number of special fan service events, such as those allowing participants to meet popular racers and interactive shows featuring celebrities.

Boat Race Heiwajima in Tokyo. (© Boat Race Promotion Association)

Winning Odds

Kyōtei has relatively high odds of winning, with only six competitors per race to choose from—the lowest number among all public sports betting. (By comparison, there are from 8 to 18 horses in keiba, 9 cyclists in keirin, and 8 motorcycles in ōtorēsu.) Revenue from races is used to support a wide variety of initiatives, including those run by municipalities as well as nonprofit organizations. ( is produced with funding from boat racing.)

In accordance with starting positions, boats are assigned one of six colors: white, black, red, blue, yellow, or green. Races begin with a short rolling start requiring competitors to cross the start line in a designated period of time or risk being scratched from the competition. Contests consist of three laps around a 600-meter course marked by two turn markers, for a total length of 1,800 meters.

A Lucrative Career

According to figures for 2014, there are 1,583 professional racers, including 190 women, competing in the sport. The average annual income for these drivers is ¥16 million. Typical earnings for the top 300 racers are higher at ¥34 million, with some making as much as ¥100 million.

The kyōtei season begins in January and runs the entire year. The premier fixture is the year-end grand prix, which is held in December and features the circuit’s 18 highest earners. Securing a slot in this event is a major factor motivating racers over the long and arduous season.

(Banner photo: Boats round a turn marker during a race. © Boat Race Promotion Association.)

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Rowing: The Boat Race

Rowing: The Boat Race

March 28, 2014 All,Other

Oxford are the hot favourites this year at around 1/3

April 6th 2014 will see The 160th Boat Race between crews from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

First raced in 1829, The Boat Race is one of the oldest sporting events in the world.

Can you pick the 2014 winner? Best odds here!

Event Boilerplate, Flower Knight Girl Wikia, FANDOM powered by Wikia

Event Boilerplate

Copy this page for new events. It is boilerplate code for how events are set up. This page is subject to change when improvements are made. Commented code shows how other pages are set up.

Below is a list of words that should be mass-replaced. Be careful of plurality. Triple click for easy highlighting.

Start of Page

The Blue Devil That Blooms in the Sea (海に咲く青い悪魔) is Event number EVENT_NUM. As the featured event, it was a/an Card Flip / Event Gacha / Level Up Boss / Medal Acquisition / Poll / Raid Boss / Shop Exchange / Swan Boat Race / Treasure Rally event.

The EQUIPNAME1 series of limited edition Equipment such as EQUIPNAME1 Ring (の指輪) were introduced.

Event Party
  • 6* CHAR1 / キャラ1
  • 5* CHAR2 / キャラ2
  • 5* CHAR3 / キャラ3
  • 5* EVENT_CHAR / イベキャラ (Featured)

As the featured event, earn CURRENCY_BUY_LONG (カレンシー交換) from panels in the event stages and use them to flip cards to earn prizes. (Card Flip)

As the featured event, earn CURRENCY_BUY_LONG (カレンシー交換) by beating event raid bosses and trade them for goods in the Shop. Earn CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_LONG (カレンシー召喚馬券) from panels in the event stages and use them to summon raid bosses. (Raid Boss)

As the featured event, earn CURRENCY_BUY_LONG (カレンシー交換) from panels in the event stages and use them to buy things from the Shop. Earn CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_LONG (カレンシー召喚馬券) from chests in the event stages to make bets in swan boat races to earn more CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT. (Swanboat)

As the featured event, earn CURRENCY_BUY_LONG (カレンシー交換) from panels in the event stages and trade them for goods in the Shop. Earn CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_LONG (カレンシー召喚馬券) from chests in the event stages and use them to summon zero stamina bonus stages that allow you to earn a lot of CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT. (Event Gacha)

As the featured event, earn CURRENCY_BUY_LONG (カレンシー交換) from panels in the event stages and use them to move forward in the Treasure Rally. Furthermore, earn CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_LONG (カレンシー召喚馬券) from Quests and Secret Gardens from the 2nd half of the event to help move in the Treasure Rally. (Treasure Rally)

As a reprint event, Seal Stones (封石) replace the contents of all chests. Use them to buy things from the Shop.

As a re-reprint event, Re-Seal Stones (再封石) replace the contents of all chests. Use them to buy things from the Shop.

Event Screen

The event screen can be accessed from the banner on the Home Screen or the banner in the Special tab for Subjugations.

Event Gacha

From the Gacha button, go to the Event (イベント) tab on the far right to roll the event gacha. It costs CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT to roll the event gacha. There are 13 total event gachas. There are 8 available during the first half of the event and the rest will be available during the second half. The first gacha is unlocked by default and subsequent gachas are unlocked when you earn the centerpiece of the preceding gacha. Even if you progress to the next gacha, it is possible to go back to previous gachas.

Furthermore, you will earn a prize at each gacha for meeting a certain number of pulls.

Level Up Boss

As a Level Up Boss event, you can fight Raid Bosses of various levels and defeat them to earn things. Fighting a boss costs CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT rather than Raid Points. The number of CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT you use affects your attack power.

Unlike ordinary Raid Bosses, each party has a five turn limit to fight, a Helper can be taken to fight, and the Solar Drive is usable. The Solar Drive automatically activates if you Skip the battle; it's damage can be seen in light blue.

You are able to fight one boss on the first day of the event. The number of bosses you can fight increases for each day that passes (at 0:00 Japan time).

During the 1st half of the event, only the first four event bosses, RAIDBOSS1, are available. Defeat them to earn event equipment. If all four are beaten, you can summon RAIDBOSS2 and fight it as often as you want until the 2nd half of the event starts. When the 2nd half starts, the second set of four event bosses become available, so there will be eight total bosses that you can fight. When all eight bosses are defeated, you can summon the extreme Level Up Boss named RAIDBOSS3 and fight it as often as you want.

The lesser Level Up Bosses are guaranteed to drop these items.

When you defeat a RAIDBOSS2, you'll earn three prizes at once.

  • The first prize is a 100 year old Manyu of a random type.
  • The second prize is a 20 or 100 year old Manyu of a random type.
  • The third prize is a 20 or 100 year old Manyu of a random type.

When you defeat a RAIDBOSS3, you'll earn three prizes at once.

  • The first prize is 15k, 30k, 45k, or 60k gold.
  • The second prize is a gold or silver Forge Fairy of a random type.
  • The third prize is an Ampule of a random type or a 20 or 100 year old Manyu of a random type.

Swan Boat Race

Earn CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT (カレンシー召喚馬券) from the event stages to bet on racers in swan boats. You can bet up to 100 on a racer and there's no limit to the number of people you bet on. There are 5 racers per race. Each racer has an Odds multiplier. If a racer you had bet on wins, you earn (bet crystals) * (odds multiplier) = CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT back.

Races occur once a day at 12:00 Japan time. Bets for the next race begin at 12:10 Japan time.

Swan boat races are divided into 4 types: preliminary races (予選レース), special races (特別レース), finalist races (決勝レース), and exhibition races (エキジビションレース).

  • Preliminary races are generic races without special features.
  • Special races are on the 6th and 13th days. The only thing special about them is that the max bet is 300.
  • Finalist races are on the 7th and 14th days. Aside from getting the bets back from the 1st place winner, you get items based on the amount of currency you use to bet on that day.
  • Exhibition races are on the 15th day. They act the same as a finalist race.

Degree of Attention

Degree of attention

A Degree of Attention (注目度) feature is available. This shows how many players around the world are voting on a particular racer. The degree of attention updates every hour.

Race Schedule Participation Prize

You will earn a reward for betting 100 or more CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT for a given race. This count is cumulative, so you may spread the 100 across multiple racers.

The rules for Participation Prizes in finalist and exhibition races are different. See Finalist Participation Prize.

Finalist Participation Prize

During a finalist or exhibition race, bet a lot of CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT to earn participation prizes. The bets may be spread out across racers.

Swan Boat Predictions

Nazuna gives her impression on swan boat racers if you click on the button with her face on it.

Furthermore, several crystal ball watchers will give their predictions about race outcomes if you click on the purple button with Nazuna's face on it.

Each predictor has their own prediction patterns.

  • Green Bell likes to make solid predictions.
  • Alium is proficient at predicting correctly when high Odds people will win.
  • Calla is proficient at looking at the abilities of racers that don't have a double-circle ◎. (Meaning she's probably accurate with ○ and △ racers).
  • Ornamental Kale, for some reason, is almost always wrong at her predictions.
  • Snapdragon is extremely accurate only on evenly numbered races.
  • Water Lily (June Bride)'s predictions are accurate for people whose order of Odds will match their placement in the race. (eg. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place would relate to x10, x20, x30 Odds)
  • Great Burnet will predict when the racer's number and their place in the race results differs.
  • Snow Drop targets high Odds racers a lot, but has high faith in low Odds racers.
  • Dusty Miller is a predictor with a sharp eye for racers who are the 2nd and 3rd-most popular.
  • Burning Bush only predicts when the 100 Odds racer seems like they will be within 2nd place.
  • Peach is a predictor who observes when the 2nd or less popular racer might have the results of more popular racers.
  • Ivy is an extreme predictor who bets on one person from who will reach 1st to 5th place, but if a particular racer appears, she will select that racer without predicting. (Meaning there is probably a racer she roots for).
  • Lady's Sorrel is a predictor who watches the growth of the people who were in 4th or lower place in the previous race.
  • Lobelia wants to put her whip into racers that will probably be low-ranked.
  • Iris watches closely for racers that look like they'll get a higher rank than their Odds.
  • Nazuna's predictions hit and miss whimsically.

To clarify, Odds refers to the bet multiplier (x10 to x100). It does not refer to the racer's chance of winning. Also, popularity probably refers to how other predictors look at racers.

To help understand how some predictors mark racers, here is a chart of Odds vs. placements in the race. This is important for predictors like Great Burnet.

Event Raid Boss

Event Raid Bosses can be summoned by using your CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT. Summonable event raid bosses come in three forms.

Spending 10 CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT lets you summon a RAIDBOSS1 with a rare chance of summoning a RAIDBOSS2 instead.

During the 2nd half of the event, you can spend 20 CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT to summon a RAIDBOSS2 with a rare chance of summoning a RAIDBOSS3 .

When the Event Raid Boss is defeated, you will get CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT for use in the Shop, and one of either Mid or High Level Equipment Gacha Seeds for the Equipment Gacha.

Furthermore, the following items are dropped by defeated Event Raid Bosses.

  • The finder and participants who defeat a RAIDBOSS1 will earn either a Life Crystal or a Bond Crystal.
  • The finder of a defeated RAIDBOSS2 will earn two Manyus of random rarities and types. Participants will get one.
  • The finder of a defeated RAIDBOSS3 will get three Forge Spirits of random types and rarities. Participants will get one.

Finally, all three event raid bosses have a random chance to drop an item from the following lists. The item dropped depends on which raid boss was defeated.

Treasure Rally
  • EvEVENT NUM-treasure rally.jpg Treasure Rally
  • EvEVENT NUM-areas.jpg Areas

Earn CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT from event stages and use them to move along lines in the Treasure Rally. Play the Treasure Rally the following way.

  1. Earn CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT from event stages.
  2. Choose an Area (エリア).
  3. Click on Nazuna to spend CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT to roll Nazupon once. She'll reveal a ball with a number on it.
  4. Click on the Progress (進む) button on any of the available lines to make the character move as many spaces as the ball's number shows.
  5. Reach the Centerpiece (目玉) chest to unlock the next Area. It looks like a chest with a chibi Nazuna bot on it.

The number shown along the line shows how many steps it will take to reach the centerpiece or goal. Earning the centerpiece removes itself from the other lines and makes the number shown be the number of steps before the goal. The goal is the end of the line.

Your character will pick up every item that she goes through. The things you can expect her to pick up are based on the line she is on.

  • Blue Line : Manyus
  • Red Line : Blums
  • Yellow Line : Ampules and Gifts
  • Green Line : Forge Spirits and Equipment Gacha Seeds

Treasure Rally Features

In Areas 9-12, a Special Panel (特別マス) appears. Landing on one of these causes a character on some line to move forward automatically. The Special Panel states the line color that the effect applies to and the number of panels they will move. Some Special Panels make some line's character go straight to the next Special Panel.

If you roll a "One" in Nazupon twice in a row, you will earn a CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT.

Use the CURRENCY_SUMMON_BET_SHORT to move to the next Special Panel without having to rely on luck from Nazupon.

Treasure Rally Area Contents

Areas one through eight are available during the 1st and 2nd halves of the event. The rewards available in the initially available areas are as follows.

Areas nine through 12 are available only during the 2nd half of the event. The rewards in these areas are as follows.

Note that the Gifts available are all 1% and 2% affection gifts.

Earn CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT from event stage map panels and event quests to flip cards and earn prizes. The card flipping game is organized into multiple sheets that hold many cards. When you have flipped at least five cards on a sheet, you may move on to the next sheet. You can go back to play any sheets you have already worked on. The first half of the event offers 8 sheets to play whereas the second half offers 16 sheets. The first 8 sheets require 100 CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT to flip one card. The last 8 sheets require 200.

The layout of cards on the sheets is determined by which character appears on the game screen. To see all of the card sheets, view the main article: The Blue Devil That Blooms in the Sea/Card Flip.

The following quests are available during the featured event period. The conditions are only clearable by participating in this event's dungeon.


Elementary 1

Special Services Award (Copper)

Intermediate 1

Special Services Award (Copper)

High Class 1

Special Services Award (Copper)

Top Class 1

Special Services Award (Silver)

Challenge Dungeons

When you beat the Top Class stage of either phase of the event, a Challenge Dungeon is unlocked. You can only play it once. They are a form of Limited Mission.

Challenge Dungeon: 1st Half Challenge Dungeon: 2nd Half Stage Efficiency

The following table shows how much currency (CURRENCY_BUY_SHORT) you can earn from a stage and its efficiency.

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