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BBC iWonder - How could I be a better five-a-side player?

How could I be a better five-a-side player?

1. How the 'people's game' is developing

Football is often referred to as 'the people’s game' and it’s easy to see why. Young or old, male or female, a love of football unites (and occasionally divides) so many of us.

But despite the popularity of the traditional 11-a-side game, when it comes to playing instead of watching, UK adults are increasingly moving towards smaller formats like seven-, six- and five-a-side football. There are said to be 1.5 million adults playing the shorter form of football each week.

There's even an FA People's Cup national five-a-side tournament that attracted more than 35,000 entrants. Five-a-side football is arguably the real people's game. So how different are the long and short versions of football? Are the tactics different? And what special skills and attributes do you need to develop to become the Lionel Messi of the five-a-side pitch?

2. How does five-a-side compare to 11-a-side? 3. What does it take to be a good player?

4-4-2? 4-5-1? 4-3-3 even? We all have our favourite formation for the 11-a-side game, but five-a-side isn't played at Wembley and it's just you and your mates against another bunch of mates, so the environment and the culture is different. But it's still football, and the most exciting things about football are condensed and speeded up in five-a-side, so you'll need to be a different player. So what does it take?

Five-a-side is a frantic, 100mph game so players spend more time working at a higher intensity than in an 11-a-side game. Five-a-side requires almost constant movement, short sprints, lateral movement and frequent changes of direction. Remember, there's only five of you out there and there are fewer breaks in play, so you need to be in decent shape if you don't want to let your team-mates down.

The beauty of five-a-side is that it's an informal game. Groups of friends, workplaces and colleges all run teams - mainly for the fun and social benefits the game offers. If you also want to win, however, you need the right attitude. Again, there's only five of you, so be a team player, put in tons of effort and encourage your team-mates. Play together and win together. Without being crazily over-competitive, right?

The skills needed for 11-a-side are useful for five-a-side as well, but most passes in five-a-side are over a distance of less than 10 metres and the receiver needs to be able to control that pass quickly. Studies show that a five-a-side player gets more than four times the number of touches on the ball as in 11-a-side. So those 'one-touch' skills are a great asset in five-a-side.

Of course, the better organised team doesn't always win at five-a-side, but a shambles of a team rarely does. So your players need to have a clear idea of what their roles are in the team, but without micro-managing all the fun out of your games. Having five players doing their own thing and hoping it will all magically come together rarely ever proves to be a winning formula. Find a basic formation that brings the best out of your team. And try to stick to it.

4. Five-a-side formations

Five-a-side is a fast moving game and players will constantly move around between various positions on the pitch, but it can help to have a shape that the team will revert back to. Here are the most popular choices:

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5. Five skills for five-a-side success

So know you've got the tools, go out and get playing! Follow the links below to find out how to get into football, watch five-a-side highlights and more.

6. Where next?

Get Inspired: Faye White on football

What does it take to be a Premier League footballer?

Head of Sports Science Jonny Northeast

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11-A-Side Football Match - Solutions 4 Business

11 a side football tips

11-A-Side Football Match

The S4B Bucket List Challenge

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6 Reasons why 5-a-side football is as exciting as 11-a-side football, Sport Exchange

6 Reasons why 5-a-side football is as exciting as 11-a-side football

5-a-side football is a smaller version of “the beautiful game” we are all so passionate about. It started in UK in the1950’s when was it was played by professional teams. For the past two decades it has been growing the fastest with an estimated 5 million people playing the sport regularly across the world.

The Structure

Five a side football is played on a smaller pitch than the traditional football pitch and has smaller goals with reduced game duration. It is a 5 member team sport which has 4 outfield players, 1 goalkeeper with 3 or less substitutes. There are also some differences in the rules, such as no offside rules, unlimited rolling substitutions etc.

So why is 5-a-side football as exciting as 11-a-side football?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to having a full experience it’ difficult to compete with 11-a-side football with heading, slide tackling, long balls all being part of the game but there are some reasons why 5-a-side football is just as exciting –

1. More touches, more skills, more play!

Since the length of the pitch is smaller with fewer players being part of the game, you’re never really far from the action. A study found that players have over 4 times the touches in 60 mins of game time of 5-a-side than a full 90-min game of 11-a-side football.

Because of the format, every player is more involved in the game and the focus of the game turns to the core principles of football – passing, dribbling, possession and shooting.

11-a-side football Vs. 5-a-side football

Yes, because you’re constantly involved when you’re playing 5-a-side, you’re required to repeatedly perform bursts of high-intensity exercise which has been shown to rake up your fitness levels quicker. 5-a-side football is an incredible game for developing fitness and as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s not just about physical fitness, it also serves to be a great mental release.

The dynamic nature of the game, unique puzzles like breaking the formation, anticipating the ball and the inherent challenges associated with the game makes it as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. It significantly contributes to a player’s mental wellbeing.

When it comes to amateur level football there’s no debate as the facilities on offer to 5-a-side players are far superior to the 11-a-side game. The number of arenas across cities are a lot more. Many of them are all well-lit for evening football, so people don’t have to worry about playing in the hot sun or have to worry about not getting the ground to play at all.

The quality of the turf is generally good with astro grass which also leads to fewer injuries. All you need to worry about is honing your skills, improving your game and having a quality time!

4. Less dependent on weather

5-a-side is an all season sport. It is almost immune against light spells of shower or sun. Infact, it is a game that can be enjoyed in rains. Worried about getting a sun tan? The option of playing evening football gives you the luxury of playing when the sun isn’t there. We are familiar with the misery of having games being called off in an 11-a-side football because the pitches tend to become soggy and the game can’t be played at a level you wish to because of the pitch being affected by adverse weather conditions.

5. More convenient and easier to organize

We are now spoilt for choice in terms of 5-a-side grounds available. Most urban dwellers will have a ground functioning within a 10 km radius of their homes.

Also, in terms of getting a team and participating in the numerous leagues and tournaments that are present, you only need 4 more friends to get started. It might still feel like hard work rounding up a squad of 5 players at times, but be thankful that you’re not trying to find a team of 11.

6. Informal taking a professional front

5-a-side football is usually played informally but there are world bodies being set up which are trying to bring a professional structure to 5-a-side. F5WC i.e. Football Fives World Cup is the largest governing body for this. It is the world’s largest amateur five a side football tournament with more than 32 nations participating that happens every year in Thailand.

Getting more region specific, we have UK mini football association, American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), United States Youth Soccer Association (U.S. Youth Soccer or USYSA) to name a few. 5-a-side football has also been played at the Summer Paralympics since 2004. Clearly a sport for all!

In India we have India Football Tour which is a 5-a-side amateur tournament happening across 8 major cities with about 250 team participating. The winners of the India Football Tour 2016 will directly reach the India qualifying bench for the F5WC 2017.

At any given point in a month there are numerous leagues and tournaments also happening at local levels. These are the kind organised by turf owners to keep their clientele engaged and entertained.

Apart from all of these benefits, playing 5-a-side football is a lot of fun and, if you love football, 5-a-side gives you the most intense experience, with more involvement in the game, better facilities at an amateur level and more value for money. No wonder it proves to be popular with millions of people all over the world.

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7 Good 5-a-side Football Tips - Great Save

Great Save 7 Good 5-a-side Football Tips

Here are some useful goalkeeping tips you can remember when you put the gloves on for a 5-a-side match.

You have to be ready for a shot at any time, no looking at the other team’s WAGs on the side. Keep your eyes on the ball so you’re ready to react and save it. There’s nothing more embarrassing than letting a ball gently slip past because you’re busy thinking the opposition team’s strikers missus is eyeing you up – she’s not, you’re ugly.

2. Body Behind the Ball.

A tell-tale sign of a dodgy goalkeeper is when he catches the ball like it’s a rugby ball. Even if the shot isn’t powerful, get your body behind the ball – if you’re hands mess up, it’s likely your impressive masculine chest will save you.

3. Watch out for Deflections.

Because players can get so congested on a 5-a-side pitch, there are a surprisingly high amount of deflections. Make sure you’re on your toes, don’t over-commit and be ready to change direction if need be.

When a long shot comes flying your way you have to be aware of what’s around you. Just like 11-a-side, there will probably be a goal hanging striker following up on the shot, eager to put away any soft chances you might offer to him. Because of this you should try to hold onto the ball rather than parry it, and if that’s not possible, try and push it away safely to the side where there’s less chance of an easy rebound goal. By doing this you can rule out the incredibly annoying feeling of making a good save but a goal being scored against you anyway.

Due to their primitive nature, defenders love a good shouting match. Don’t be afraid to scream all the information that comes into your head at them. Let them know if any players are unmarked, and if any are making runs. From your position on the pitch, you can see things much clearer than any of the outfielders, help them out.

This is a seemingly simple part of keeping, but you look like a mug if you get it wrong. It’s a small playing area, the players are likely to get quite bunched up and if you give it to the opposition at such close range they’ll probably score. To prevent this, pass the ball out quickly to a teammate, before they get marked up. Don’t hesitate, make your decision and go with it. And if you have no options at all, the safest thing to do is to just hit it towards the far corner for a keen player to chase.

7. No pain, no gain!

Sometimes being in goal can be as painful as getting a kick in the face from Sandro. No-one likes a ‘wuss’, especially not the WAGs on the side. You’re going to have to take a few for the team, especially if it’s a narrow angle or the striker’s shooting from close range. Make yourself as big as possible, even if this means risking your ability to have children – sort your priorities out.

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About Great Save


Football Tips

Football Tips // 11.02.17

With myself and Kieron posting already for today – this is the final piece and is focussing on the handicap market of which there is a hell of a lot of value this weekend! There are a few tempters that have underlying potential to destroy an accumulator – Monaco are at home and 2/9 on, making -2 the only viable value above evens – however they have a habit for winning by just the one goal, and with multiple missing regulars – they are off the list.

Man Utd and Arsenal too are nearer the 1/4 mark, while Barcelona are tempting against a defensively sound Alaves side – but with them losing the reverse, and struggling for form of late, they too are going to be left out. The true value this weekend seems to be lying in wait in the Bundesliga, with 3 of the top 5 sides facing the bottom three teams. Real Madrid too are tempting for -2 @ 7/5, but with them being a little off away from home of late, to give even bottom side Osasuna a two goal head start still seems risky. Two home teams, two away – in a solid 20/1 four-fold:

Brighton vs Burton: Brighton -1 Goal Handicap @ 13/10 (Championship, 1500 KO)

Brighton have dismantled multiple top 6 challengers at home – Norwich were thrashed 5-0, Leeds 2-0, Sheff Weds 2-1, Fulham 2-1…and so on. 11 wins in 14, the only slip-ups against Preston and Villa, as well as a loss to the now Hogan-less Brentford. Burton are not great away from home, winning very few and losing 8 – conceding 26 in the process. Brighton ran out 1-0 winners in the reverse fixture, and with their home form keeping them in the title race, another win here should occur.

RB Leipzig vs Hamburg: Leipzig -1 Goal Handicap @ 5/4 (Bundesliga, 1430 KO)

Two contrasting teams here – RB are 2nd in the league and unbeaten at home – 8 wins from 9 and nearly 20 scored. Hamburg on the other hand have lost 70% of their 10 away games and lost the reverse 4-0 early in the season. Timo Werner has been a star in the Leipzig side – he is ill but should play, and even if he doesn’t Davie Selke is a man in good form while Yusuf Poulson is a cracking man to have in the side as well. With Sabitzer and Forsberg also in the mix – RB should stand a cracking chance!

Ingolstadt vs Bayern: Bayern -1 Goal Handicap @ 1/1 (Bundesliga, 1430 KO)

Bayern are not quite what they were a year or two ago, but make no mistake they can batter anyone if they are in the right mood. They are at near-full strength today against the 2nd worst side in the league, and with a front-line consisting of the likes of Lewandowski, Coman, Costa or Ribery – they are a side rather overpriced on the handicap at evens. Ingolstadt have only conceded 30 this season, but 3-4 goals here today wouldn’t surprise me!

Darmstadt vs Dortmund: Dortmund -1 Goal Handicap @ 1/1 (Bundesliga, 1430 KO)

So – the final game. The worst side in the league facing Dembele, Aubameyang and Co. Dortmund haven’t been the reliable side they were under Klopp, but Tuchel has only been in charge for less than 2 years and has sold several key men, so the rebuilding phase is still going. They got it right in the reverse and won 6-0, and with Auba back, Dembele looking a great buy and the side starting to find form – 1/1 for -1 looks amazing value!

As mentioned this pays around 20/1 with Bet365.

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