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25 Best NBA Players In The Game Today

25 Best NBA Players In The Game Today

A run-down of the best players in Basketball today.

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Nba games today results - Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo Web Search games -

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Nba Game Result Today 2015

dardtik Nba Game Result Today 2015

NBA playoffs: TV times, full schedule and bracket.

The 2015 NBA playoff field is set. NBA Finals: 1 Golden State Warriors vs. 2 Cleveland Cavaliers: Conference. 2015 Finals Preview Game 1. 2015 Finals Preview Game 1. A photo posted by NBA (@nba) on Jun 16, 2015 at 9:02pm PDT ***. Posted in 2015 NBA Playoffs, / Comments (7) /. Stephen Curry looked like the NBA’s MVP down the stretch during Game 5.

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Basketball Games Today Results - Find Videos

Basketball Games Today Results

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Warriors vs Cavaliers: Game 7 NBA Finals - 06.19.16 Full Highlights

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NBA 2K17 servers, Down Today

NBA 2K17 servers

NBA 2K17 was released September 16, 2016 by Visual Concepts and you can only but guess the dismay when this basketball game cannot be played online due to 2K Sports servers going down.

When there is a problem with online gaming majority will search social platforms and search engines for ‘NBA 2K17 servers down’ to look for answers as to why they cannot play their beloved game.

Main problems that can occur with the game include NBA 2K login issues, problems loading on Xbox, PlayStation or to online services as well as mobile apps not working. If these do happen to you please report to Down Today with your server status or any other fault that you are experiencing.

If you own any of these platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, 360, iOS, Android or Microsoft Windows and have an issue with NBA 2K17, please do report them to Down Today.

NBA 2K17 Status insight for Friday 13th of October 2017 NBA 2K17 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

every time I go on the title screen of NBA 2K 17 it says the 2K sports servers are down so most features will be unavailable please try again later and you will be restored!!… WTF is this

Xbox 360 2k servers down at the moment was working fine finished a my player game and couldn’t save my VC due to “servers being down” what’s the go with that the online 2k servers says it’s all up and running

Why is the server still down? Does anyone care about Ps3 anymore? I only play nba 2k17 and I’m having withdrawals, please help!

Does the online mode still work with nba 2k17 for ps3

What’s going on I have nba 2k17 for PS3 and I can’t be matched up with nobody online does anybody know what’s going on please help

Heyy it keeps saying my server is down i cant go to my player store

When I press start it says “The 2K Sports server is temporarily unavailable. You will be connected when service restored ”

It keeps saying network connection lost

Does anyone know how to fix it when it says the servers are down

I just want play 2k

You know this horrible way of conning people to keep buying your latest games …..smh

So since it’s basically a dead game anybody have skills points cheats for my career

What BS,took me like 2 years to get stacked myteam with out buying VC, had so many onyx and beasty players, i only buy NBA 2k every 3-4 years… LOL at all the kids who actually buy VC on these short lived games… how pathetic micro transactions have become in sports games, they didnt even give a warning shut down was coming and still selling VC up to last day

That’s a good idea

2k twitter 3 january 2017:

#NBA2K15 servers are no longer in operation, which means you can no longer play online or play your connected single-player saves

Are 2k15 servers closing for good?

I don’t understand how a company can stop a service that you spend money on and then can’t access anything. I thought when they shut down nba2k14 servers that it would be something they could never do again. I bought nba2k15 on this thought… if they have done this again, I am forever 100% against this robbery and will never buy anything nba2k related again.

If they arent go8ng to support it anymore, then release a patch unlocking the game for offline use.

You cant even finsh parts offline without vc

Hello ,Why i can’t play online nba2k15?

What’s the problem?

Been down for 3 days now

They have. Twitter said it

I looked it up and they shut down WWE 2K15 for good. i don’t think it’s for NBA

I was unable to play since New Years at exactly 12 AM, which gives me the thought that 2K shut down the 2K15 servers for good.

They shut down 2k15 server fo good

I hope they didn’t shut 2k15 server down for good

I can’t play either. I hope there not down for good, but the fact that it happened on new years day makes me think so. I’m waiting to go onto my career for another day or so though.

unable able to login to nba 2k servers for 12 hrs now. this is getting very frustating

Is it true NBA 2K15 servers shut down for good on last gen consoles December 31, 2016?

the servers for ps3 have been down for like 12 hours now. does anyone know what’s going on?

Do they have online my Team for ps3

I was able to play yesterday but not today are the servers down for good?

Servers been down for 9 hrs now

did the severs go down on 15

Unable to connect to 2k sports server. That’s what I see alllllllll the time now.

Iys the ONLY game i know of that needs to run on servers 90% of the time, why not make the game where you can play the game modes WITHOUT having to be ONLINE? It would lessen the SERVERS DOWN problem, FIFA is a good example

servers down? PS3? NBA 2K website says all are normal and up and running and that’s clearly not the case

Are the servers down ? Xbox360?

When I start a new my career and when I have to save all the data about new player I get a message that I have to delete one of my online mycareer players (1 of 3). And then after a few games everything just freezes everytime when I finish that particular game.

I also deleted all Nba files and everything that’s connected to the game.

Can anyone please help me..

Ey I’m the exact same as you Abel. Was playing yesterday no problem now today can’t get onto 2k server

Guys i played yesterday and it was working well but today i cant connect to the mycarrer. Im connected to the internet but it wont connect to 2k15 sports server(im playing on ps3). If you could advise me id appreciate it

2k15 please get this together

It’s been a week and I can’t Play with any friends

servers are down right now :((((

MyPlayer that is

Still not able to connect, 3 days in a row

Won’t connect to server. Can’t play live. This is the 2nd day in a row and I don’t get to play as much so this is some straight bulls***. Hope 2k16 is better

How do u get on court coach badge with our maxing out your playmaking on NBA 2k 15

Won’t save my career ps3 so I can play my next key game

i can’t connect since update on ps4

2K servers are not that solid are they? Most of the time I can only play career, all i want to do is play a quick match online.

Since the last NBA 2K15 maintenance update I have been having issues connecting on the PC..

When is the next ‎NBA2K15‬ maintenance scheduled for?

Because I cannot connect to the 2K server I cannot play any matches with my friends.

The NBA 2K15 iOS app has been updated to Version 1.0.4, let me know what you think.

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