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MAXBET-IBC: 六月 2015


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IBC Team - IBC2017 - The World s Leading Media, Entertainment - Technology Show

The World's Leading Media,


IBC is run by the industry, for the industry. Six leading international bodies are the partners behind IBC, representing both exhibitors and visitors.

Chief Executive Officer

Michael's job is to lead a motivated IBC team and ensure that IBC is a success for all the stakeholders. With 24 years experience in this industry, his background is in publishing and events. He holds an MBA from Leicester Business School specialising in marketing and business strategy.

Sales and Business Development

Director of Business Development

Steve holds the board level relationships with key accounts and partnerships. He is also responsible for development strategy and identifying new revenue streams, working with the CEO.

International Sales Manager

Kerr generates new business and supports accounts worldwide. He is also responsible for Halls 1, 4, 5 and 6.

External Account Manager

Phil provides account management for major sponsorship, events and other activities.

Tom works with all of our exhibitors to help build their presence and success at the show.

Events Team

Kelli has overall responsibility for ensuring that all IBC’s events are delivering to IBC’s quality expectations, safely and on budget. Taking a holistic view across the event, and with the venue and our service providers to ensure that not only IBC, but also our stakeholders receive optimum customer service delivery and a high quality experience.

Sarah’s role includes exhibitor relationship management for Halls 6 and 7, overall responsibility of IBC’s sales agents and national pavilions and plays a key role in the operations and delivery for the exhibition. She leads the IBC team on all event signage and holds key relationships with the RAI event managers team and floor management team for the exhibition.

Senior Events Executive

Philip’s role includes exhibitor relationship management and ensuring the smooth delivery and exhibition operations for our outside exhibits, the IBC Future Zone and IBC’s Digital Info Channel Partners. He also holds key relationships with the RAI departments and suppliers.

Senior Events Executive

Amy has particular responsibilities around the conference, speaker management, liaison with the speakers, operations and delivery of the conference including the stage sets. She works with the conference executive producers’ committee, is responsible for the delivery of Technical Papers stream, and also for operations around the Rising Stars programme.

Senior Events Executive

Kim is responsible for the exhibitor relationships for Halls 1, 2, 3 and 5, and plays a key role in the exhibition operations and the delivery of specialist theatres IBC Technology in Action and IBC Content Everywhere Hub. She is responsible for the exhibition catalogue and printed event map. She takes the lead for the supplier and contractor management program and holds relationships with key exhibition suppliers.

Senior Events Executive

Lidija’s role includes the delivery of the events visitor areas, including the Gold Pass Lounge. She also takes the operational lead on IBC’s social programme, IBC Party and the IBC Awards. She works closely with the RAI ensuring our event staff deliver high quality service to all attendees and holds the relationship with RAI’s Hotel & Travel team.

Lucy holds the exhibitor relationships for Halls 10, 11 and 12, and plays a key role in exhibition operations and delivery for the exhibition. She holds key relationships with supplier and oversees the event signage and the various digital outlets for exhibition content including the website and apps.

Stephanie is responsible for delivering the Launch Pad area in Hall 9. She also provides exhibition support, including exhibitor added value co-ordination.

Finance Team

Director of Finance

Glenn has overall responsibility for the financial security of IBC, including the preparation of management accounts, financial reports and analysis, budgeting, and ensuring all IBC’s legal and statutory obligations are met.

Account Manager and Credit Controller

Stacey manages the department and oversees the sales and purchase ledgers. She is responsible for our credit control, ensuring that our customers pay within our terms to maintain the profitability of the company.

Senior Management Accountant

Beth assists the finance director by working with all IBC departments to provide management information including the monthly reports and annual budgets.

Marketing Team

Director, Marketing and Communications.

Imran leads the development and delivery of IBC’s marketing and communications strategy, building brand awareness, driving demand and exploiting data to create new revenue streams. He is charged with developing compelling marketing and communication programmes to further enhance our market presence, promote thought leadership and support business growth.

Head of Marketing

Emily is the marketing lead for the IBC Leaders' Summit, IBC Awards, IBC Future Zone and Future Reality Theatre, IBC Content Everywhere and the Technical Papers Programme. She also oversees printed material, sales support, email campaigns and website content.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Will is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of IBC's website, social media channels and digital advertising, supporting other team members where necessary.

Content Team

Head of Event Content

Consultant Content Producer

Consultant Content Producer

Olga develops and produces aspects of the IBC Conference and IBC Rising Stars.

IBC365 Editorial Team

IBC365 Executive Editor

Fergal Ringrose is an editor and journalist in business publishing, specialising in the television broadcast production sector.

George Bevir is editor of IBC365, an online platform that provides analysis, insight and opinion on the issues and topics affecting the broadcast and media industry.

IBC365 Staff Writer

Alana Foster is a journalist at IBC365 writing about the global media broadcasting industry.

Projects Team

Head of Projects

Tamsin leads the team, ensuring that all projects are run smoothly and efficiently using proven project management methodologies. Tamsin collaborates on the identification of new opportunities for IBC and emerging trends in the industry providing timely implementation. She also helps all IBC stakeholders to understand the benefits of the systematic project management approach.

Assistant Project Manager

Jay works with internal and external stakeholders to initiate, manage and deliver key projects. Jay supports new high profile initiatives and helps all IBC stakeholders to understand the benefits of Project Management.​

Office Team

Karen supports the development of IBC and its continuing excellence through the recruitment, reward, management and development of high-performing employees.

Senior Office Administrator/HR Advisor

IBC Technical Supporters

IBC would like to thank our Technical Supporters:

Tel: +44(0) 20 7832 4100

Fax: +44(0) 20 7832 4130

13 - 17 September 2018

14 - 18 September 2018

14 - 18 September 2018

Business Knowledge for the Global Media, Entertainment & Technology Community

IBC Systems for the Pharma Industry

Contained Handling Technology IBC Systems for the Pharma Industry

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IBC systems are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing as storage, transport and, with the increasing use of in-container applications, blending vessels.

More Than a Container

With technologies including the Blending Prism™, the Vibroflow™ discharge device, the world-leading BUCK® Valve and a deceleration device, common issues such as handling difficult to blend materials, poor flowing product and potent materials can all be met and addressed. The GEA IBC is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. With product contact parts constructed from 316L stainless steel, a range of finishes is available for both the internal and external surfaces. Modern construction techniques ensure accurate manufacturing tolerances are met with repeatable dimensional accuracy.

Blending Prism™

The GEA Prism™ has been developed to aid and improve the blending of difficult-to-process powdered and granular materials.

The unique Vibroflow™ discharges even the most poorly flowing products. Vibration is applied from the discharge station to the discharger located in the container. Powder is prevented from bridging as vibration is applied at the key area where powder bridging occurs. Product flows at a constant speed, effectively removing the risk of segregation.

Containment Valves

An important feature of the GEA IBC is the High Containment Split Butterfly Valve. The BUCK® MC Valve offers improved containment levels for a variety of applications. The valves can be fitted to the IBC inlet for contained charging, or an invertible design allows charging through the outlet valve.

Deceleration Device

Specialized solids deceleration devices have been developed for improved solid discharge control, enabling smooth, dust-free transfer. They are available for drop distances of 1.5–3.5 m and use a fully automatic, interlocked control system. An optional proportional controller for the pinch roll opening allows for variable discharge rates.


An important feature of any containment system is preventing operator intervention. All GEA IBCs are designed to be CIP-compatible with our Wash Station. The passive valves are mounted on the inlet and outlet of the IBC in a manner that prevents any dust ingress. Naturally, both the Prism™ and the Vibroflow™ have been designed to accommodate full CIP solutions.

hygienic seal for

mounting BUCK® Valves

hygienic seal for

mounting BUCK® Valves

● standard ○ optional -- not available

● standard ○ optional -- not available

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For poorly flowing materials, products that are subject to segregation and damage, and the need to transfer potent products in a contained manner, we provide unique technologies for accurate IBC filling and discharging. These ensure high levels of containment, rapid product changeover and segregation-free discharge.

Manual or fully automatic charging and discharging stations can incorporate a number of different options, including vibration solutions, air blasts for dust extraction and weighing, and dosing options for accurate filling and discharging.

Deceleration Technology

The decelerator enables products to be fed at a controlled low velocity, therefore eliminating the segregation of powder or granular materials. Tablet or capsule 'outfeed' systems benefit from reduced breakage, chipping or mechanical damage, resulting in increased production performance and reduced product rejects.

Segregation can occur during IBC discharge if a product 'rat-holes.' It can also take place post-discharge when product is allowed to fall through long chutes in free fall and displaced air from below is forced back up the chute and separates the finer particles from the coarser particles.

The Air Deceleration Unit consists of a stainless steel chute that transfers material from the discharge station to the inlet of the rotary tablet press or capsule filler. A flexible, inflatable silicone membrane through which a flexible polythene product liner runs internally through the length of the chute, is inflated and/or deflated to control the rate of material descent.

Containment Valve Technology

GEA has become synonymous with supplying high containment systems incorporating advanced split butterfly valve technology. Our charging and discharging stations use a patented docking system that uses two Half Valves.

One Half Valve is located on the outlet/ inlet of the IBC, while the other Half Valve is connected to the process machine. This unique design with a centralized actuation collar facilitates the simple operation of the containment valve system.

With the IBC loaded onto either the discharge or charging station, the two identical Half Valves dock. The two external faces of the valves are sealed together to prevent dust contaminating the surfaces. Joint turning allows powder to pass through the valve without the disc faces contacting the product.

Vibroflow™ Discharge Technology

A critical aspect of any IBC system is its ability to discharge product in a reliable and repeatable manner. It is no longer acceptable for operators to intervene and open the IBC to overcome blockages.

The unique Vibroflow™ was designed to meet these needs and, having been thoroughly tested by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, is now a proven discharge technology.

The Vibroflow™ is mounted in an IBC between the outlet flange and the Half Valve. By applying a low frequency vibration to the centre of the product bed, "bridging" can be prevented. The spiral design sends vibrations sideways through the product bed, promoting mass flow. The vibration is applied externally from the valve, so there are no working mechanisms within the process flow.

Another Vibroflow™ benefit is its ability to overcome vacuum build up, which can be an issue for larger volume IBCs. The Vibroflow™ allows air to percolate through the powder bed and into the top section of the IBC, removing the need to vent the IBC, which compromises the containment of the IBC.

Containment for Reducing Operator Exposure Level (OEL)

Our discharging and charging stations can further reduce Operator Exposure Levels (OELs) with the addition of an advanced air cleaning actuator (BUCK® Valve UMC).

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The transfer of powders and/or tablets to and from an IBC can often be a complex operation and is an area in which GEA has become a market leader.

As a key part of any pharmaceutical processing plant, the dispensing area presents many challenges. In particular, it is important to establish a clear understanding of both existing processes and products, and future requirements as far as possible.

Accurate Dosing System

Multi position control of the butterfly valve, linked into an integrated load cell system, allows highly accurate IBC charging and discharging. Proportional opening and closing pf the valve accurately controls the product flow rate.

The weight of the IBC is fed back to the control system and, as the required weight is reached, the system gradually closes the valve to reduce material flow.

Once the required weight has been reached, the valve is closed. GEA's dosing systems are of particular benefit during the dispensing stage of the drug manufacturing process, when raw materials need to be accurately dosed into IBCs for recipe and batch formulation.

Dispensary System

A dispensary can take many forms: single or multi level, low or high containment levels, commonly incorporating two to four weigh platforms, a weigh hopper, extraction equipment and sieving equipment. The dispensary may also include recipe management software, waste disposal system and a method of handling API.

Excipients and bulk ingredients arrive packaged in various forms, thus requiring differing handling methods. For small volume dispensaries or line dedicated dispensaries with a small batch size, the preferred method may be manual. However, with ever more stringent manual handling regulations, it may be necessary to add automation and mechanical handling to avoid these problems.

For larger volume plants and larger batch sizes, it is essential to automate the handling. This is achieved by either simply lifting a pallet with a local stacker truck, or ideally by using a hoist lifter. The advantage of the hoist lifter is its ability to simply handle sacks, drums and bags without the additional difficulties of maneuvering in what is often a confined area.

The GEA range of modular dispensing solutions provide for simple ergonomic operation whilst ensuring control of the dispensing process.

The control system interlocks the process with the recipe management system to provide batch data security and traceability for validation purposes. Additional features such as removable hoppers and additional extraction provide increased safety for operators and simplicity for cleaning. Solutions range from single level for simple applications to multiple level, integrated dispensary management systems. Bulk ingredient dispensing includes fully automated excipient dosing or interfacing with big-bag bulk ingredients for high containment.

GEA will normally supply a dispensary system as an integrated package with the specification and design incorporating key issues such as: interchangeable weigh hoppers, batch data security and traceability, ease of maintenance, cleanability, building and utility requirements, and all process requirements.

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As cleanliness is paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing, an important feature of any IBC system is the ability to wash containers to a consistent, repeatable standard, both externally and internally. An extensive selection of washing systems has been created to suit the diverse needs of the market — and to minimize production downtime — ranging from simple internal wash systems to fully automatic washing, drying and cooling booths.

GEA provides a range of washing systems, from simple cleaning devices — for filling and discharge stations, containers and charge vessels — to mobile washing units, and from modular container wash systems to completely contained and automated wash stations, ensuring that water usage is minimized and systems are environmentally friendly.

Your Washing Solution

It is critical to establish an appropriate cleaning philosophy for any new facility. Depending on the products, processes and production demands, cleaning should be thought of as an integrated part of the materials handling system and not looked at in isolation.

A multi-product plant may require quick changeovers, whereas product-dedicated plants might adopt a clean-in-place (CIP) approach. When handling hazardous or toxic materials, CIP may be the preferred option, particularly if it can be combined with a contained rapid changeover solution.

GEA supplies simple-yet-contained wash systems that ensure operator safety during cleaning. We also provide wash solution preparation systems and process control solutions to allow full validation of the washing system. Our range includes

• mobile CIP/WIP units

• Moduwash™ container washing systems

• automated container washing systems

• IBC Halo™ washing technology.

BUCK® Valve Washing

Although it is important to handle and transfer powders in a contained way to prevent operator exposure, it is of equal important to be able to wash the IBC and the containment valves in place without the need for operator intervention to strip and clean the valve. Any system that relies on the operator to remove a contaminated valve for cleaning will directly expose the operator to the product. All IBCs and their passive valves are designed to be fully cleaned-in-place within the GEA Wash Station. CIP of the BUCK® Half Valve is achieved using the BUCK® Wash Active System.

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Manufacturing medicines for today and the future

As scientists continue to elucidate the genomic basis of diseases such as cancer, it is becoming increasingly possible to develop different drugs for the same condition and target patients with a specific genetic profile.

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GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. The international technology group focuses on process technology and components for sophisticated production processes in various end-user markets.

In 2016, GEA generated consolidated revenues of about EUR 4.5 billion. The food and beverages sector, which is a long-term growth industry, accounted for around 70 percent. As of March 31, 2017, the company employed about 17,000 people worldwide.

Available jobs worldwide. Find your next job in the GEA family.

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