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21 Savage – Baby Girl Lyrics, Genius Lyrics

Baby Girl Baby Girl Lyrics

Yeah, whole pointers 'round my muhfuckin' neck, nigga

Yeah, 6 karats in my ears, nigga

Yeah, I look like a blizzard, lil nigga

Yeah, treat these hoes like I ain't got home training

Yeah, tennis chains, too many karats

Yeah, VVS nigga, real clarity

Yeah, I'm a gangster, you a bitch, clearly

Yeah, can't let a broke bitch get near me

Yeah, and the bank cash my check barely

Yeah, Saint Laurent got your bitch staring

Goyard bag, I'm on some other shit, bitch boy

Five racks would get your pussy ass hit, boy

You dropped outta school to jump out with that stick, boy

All you niggas get capped, I'm the real McCoy

Yeah, had to block her number 'cause the bitch annoying

Red, red, pee in the bed, got a nigga snoring

Yeah, suck me like a lollipop, baby girl

Yeah, suck me like a lollipop, baby girl

Ride that dick and do the bunny hop, baby girl

Ride that dick and do the bunny hop, baby girl

Yee ain't talkin' 'bout money, I ain't stayin', baby girl

Yee ain't talkin' 'bout fuckin', I ain't stayin', baby girl

Did that Gucci shit, all that shit be tailored, girl

Stab a nigga up, this that Shawshank Redemption

Bitch, I send hits, I don't walk 'round with tension

Gots a island girl and she come from St. Vincent

Bitch, I'm John Gotti, I be running like henchmen

Bitch, you better be a pro

'Cause you ain't finna learn how to suck on this dick

Bitch, I'ma buy me a K, extended clip on the bottom of this shit

Bitch, A33's and 204, they makin' me biscuits

Hoe, I'm really rich, don't know what a bitch thought

Niggas act like J, you might as well hit chalk

Put it in a bowl and whip it 'til it get hard

I don't smoke weed 'cause it make me shh-noid

I pull up with the stick and let this bitch spark

Swear I would've shot that cracker if I was Rosa Parks

Yeah, suck me like a lollipop, baby girl

Yeah, suck me like a lollipop, baby girl

Ride that dick and do the bunny hop, baby girl

Ride that dick and do the bunny hop, baby girl

Yee ain't talkin' 'bout money, I ain't stayin', baby girl

Yee ain't talkin' 'bout fuckin', I ain't stayin', baby girl

Did that Gucci shit, all that shit be tailored, girl

Yeah, you got some cake, a nigga tryna bake it, girl

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It - s a! Auj Poj

It’s a baby…GIRL.

We decided to find out the gender of our baby with all our family and friends.

So, at my 18-week anatomy ultrasound, we had the ultrasound tech print photos of our baby that indicated the gender, and sealed them in an envelope! Last weekend we hosted a gender reveal party at Roloff Farms with all our family and friends. We told everyone to wear the color that they thought our baby was going to be! Jeremy and I also wore the color indicating our guess. We both wore pink. It’s funny… because my whole pregnancy up until the past 3 weeks I’ve thought it was a boy, but this past month I’ve been pretty convinced that it would be a girl. You can read more about why on my blog post about my first trimester >>here<<В

We wanted to reveal the surprise with pink or blue smoke flares! So we bought 4 of each color, and on the day of the gender reveal party, we had one of our friend’sВ open the ultrasound photo envelope moments before the reveal. We gathered everyone in the backyard at the Roloff Farms (where Jeremy and I had our wedding reception) and she handed us the correlatingВ flare color! Then we set off the flares and consumed the backyard with PINK smoke. We are going to have a daughter! AH! Thanks to all our friends and family for being there to celebrate the surprise with us!

Lot’s of peopleВ have been asking where we got the smoke bombs! We actually bought quite a few different kinds and we tested these the day before the reveal party! They are legit… you can get them В here:В pinkВ and blue

So thankful that I get to go through pregnancy and enter parenthood with my sister-in- law! She’s having a baby boy in May, and I can’t wait for the cousins to be rompin’ around on the farm together;)

These are my best friends since kindergarten… one of them already has a baby girl, and one of them is pregnant at the same time with me! Second generation GS here we go!

Future uncle Zach

Future auntie Margo

My sister was born to be a party planner and dessert caterer… seriously. В She asked what she could do for the party and I tasked her with making a yummy treat and this is what she comes up with! ThankВ you Margo:)

I used For Your Party for a lot of the gender reveal decor! They offer customized party decor and supplies! I designed the party cups to be team boy (motorcycle) and team girl (lips) as well as team boy and team girl napkins! And how cute are these baby Roloff matches that we gave away as little party favors?!

Baby girl you are already so loved, and you will ALWAYS be loved MORE and MORE рџ’• # alwaysmore Pregnancy is a miracle. Sometimes I wonder… how could I possibly be growing a little baby inside of me? I often feel inadequate, not ready, overwhelmed, worried about if my body is doing the right things and if I’m making the right choices throughout this pregnancy that will grow and protect this little life. The “what if’s” begin to permeate my brain and make me feel less than. Have you l been there?!

I was recently reading a devotional that I receive via e mail, and I was struck by these words: “I tell you honestly that it is not your ability that matters; it’s the strength of your faith in My ability to do what you cannot. You must stop relying on your own efforts and common sense and begin to rely on Me…” Woah… This encouraged me so stinkin much. It’s not my ability that matters, it’s my faith in God’s ability to do immeasurably more than I ever could. That’s what matters. Are you assessing your energy and ability levels against the challenges ahead of you, or are you putting your faith in a God who always able?

Some more exciting news

ALWAYS MORE gold bar necklaces are now available in the shop. alwaysmore.com В

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Julie Treib says

Congratulations on the upcoming baby girl Roloff! You look amazing Auj! What fun for the both of you, back at the family farm! Praying for you guys! May God continue to work in both of your lives!

Just wanted to send my congratulations. .a baby girl. Awesome!!

Congratulations! My first born is a girl also. Take care always and don’t forget your prenatal check ups.

Audrey I just place my order for my always more necklace and also for my always more tank. I am so excited and I also can’t wait to order the sweatshirt next time. Thanks for being such a beacon of light, you Jeremy both! Your the kind of couple anyone would want to be best friends with so down to earth and real especially about your faith. God bless the two of you in your journey to becoming parents. I cannot wait for that myself. My fiancГ© and I are getting married this July and then already thinking ahead to a baby!! Your blog is so encouraging g to me especially because your marriage advise and scriptures you reference are so enriching and I love hearing from people who have been there before and are willing to share every angle and aspect of it and questions people may have. My fiancГ© is a newer Christian but man he’s growing so much and I just know God has good things in store. Anyways I know I’m just a stranger but your blog and words mean the world to me and I read it often. Especially those days wheee I need an extra pick me up!! Keep doing what your doing girl!! Your awesome.

Much Love to ya sister

AnnMarie Moreno says

Congratulations Audrey and Jeremy I’m so beyond excited for you two! I have 2 beautiful daughters myself and they are my pride and joy. Thinking of you and sending loving prayers for a continuous healthy pregnancy. Love you both so much! рџ’њ can’t wait to hear what your little blessings name will be, u know it will be a unique and beautiful name. God Bless you! ! 😘

So very happy for you both! I’ve been watching Roloff Farms since it was first on TV. So exciting to see the next generation to come along😍

Congratulations!! How exciting! Also, wanted to let you guys know that your post “Skiing Solitude” won’t load for me – I’ve tried on chrome and firefox over multiple days. I’d love to read it!

Congratulations! You are the best! God bless you! With Love from Russia!

What are you naming your sweet bundle of joy God has blessed you with??

bless you and your husband on the girl my her have the gift of eveything

Hi – First time commenter here! Congrats on the baby girl! I love the idea to use the smoke flare’s! Definitely haven’t seen that before. And how perfect the flowering pink trees on the farm are too! I have one boy and one girl and I can say that it is so fun having a girl, dressing her up and putting bows in her hair. рџ™‚

Baby girl. Congratulations!! God bless you!Love you guys!

Any name ideas? I love Biblical names. Proverbs is nice so is Deuteronomy.

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Baby Girl

a baby girl

Music video by Aqua performing Barbie Girl. (C) 1997 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S.

this song is cute pls. rate and comment on this video. :) much appreciated.

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Music video for BabyGirl performed by WOLFIZM. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4_1hPzBcZ7S8hB_j0hks2g .

Music video by Sugarland performing Baby Girl. (C) 2004 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

baBy girL tagaloG versiOn w/ lyriCs,, enJoy.


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